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Psychic Predictions

Psychic Predictions

Psychic Predictions is a strange story about a woman whose forecast for the future contains both good luck and bad luck. Leave a comment and let me know if you get the ending.

Psychic Predictions

There was a young woman who believed in psychics and fortune telling. She wanted to know what life held in store for her, so she visited an old lady who had a reputation for giving very accurate predictions of the future.

The psychic held her hand and went into a trance. In a deep voice, she said “In the next four years, you will have three strokes of good luck and one stroke of bad luck.”

The young woman went home that evening, wondering what good and bad events lay in her future. The next day, she met a very handsome young man and they began dating. He fell in love with her at first sight and treated her like a queen. This was the first stroke of good luck that the psychic predicted.

Within a year, the man asked her to marry him and she said yes. Her parents were overjoyed and the wedding was attended by all of their friends and family. The young woman felt like her life was finally going the way she wanted. This was the second stroke of good luck that the psychic predicted.

The woman was very happily married. Her husband was wealthy and there was very little that they could not afford. Soon after the wedding, she discovered she was pregnant. The delighted young couple eagerly awaited the birth of their child and nine months later, they were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. This was the third stroke of good luck that the psychic predicted.

The woman began to grow uneasy. She had experienced the three stroke of good luck, but now she started to worry about the bad luck that lay in store for her. She found that she couldn’t enjoy her life because the thought of impending disaster was always on her mind. She began to have problems sleeping because of all the fear and trepidation she experienced.

One night, she had a terrible nightmare. In the dream, she could see her little baby sleeping peacefully in her cot. Suddenly, a pair of white hands lifted the infant up and brought it over to the window. As she watched in horror, she saw the hands open the window and throw the baby out.

She awoke in a cold sweat. Her heart was beating rapidly. She rushed into her baby’s bedroom and found the cot empty and the window standing open. When she looked out the window, she screamed in horror. Her beautiful little baby was lying in a pool of blood on the concrete outside.

The young couple were devastated. Their happy family life had been shattered by tragedy. The young woman felt certain that this was the stroke of bad luck that the psychic had predicted. Despite the horror of what had happened to their child, the woman and her husband decided that they had to be strong and continue with their lives. They were still very much in love and

One night, the woman had another terrible nightmare. In the dream, she saw her husband lying in bed, asleep. Suddenly, a pair of white hands appeared, holding a large kitchen knife. The hands began stabbing her husband again and again. The woman could only watch in horror as her husband was murdered in cold blood.

She awoke in a cold sweat, her heart beating rapidly. When turned to her husband for comfort, she recoiled in horror. He was lying beside her in a pool of blood and a knife was sticking out of his chest.

Now, the woman was completely devastated. Her happy life had been torn to pieces. Her child and her husband had both been murdered. She began to wonder if she would ever be able to recover from these tragedies. The psychic had predicted one stroke of bad luck, but not two. “How could this have happened?”, she thought. “The psychic’s prediction was wrong.”

The woman went back to visit the psychic one evening.

“What kind of a fake fortune teller are you?” she screamed at the psychic. “You predicted one stroke of bad luck. Well, it happened. My baby was murdered. You never told me that I would have a second stroke of bad luck. My husband was murdered as well!”

The psychic looked at the woman with sadness in her eyes and took her by the hand.

“Oh, my poor woman”, she said. “You don’t understand. I predicted three strokes of good luck and one stroke of bad luck. Your good luck is that you met a handsome man, got married and had a baby. Your bad luck is that you sleepwalk.”

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  • So, the wife sleepwalked and murdered her daughter and husband.
    This is totally natural…There are many such cases of very dangerous sleepwalks.
    In one case, a young woman sleepwalked and ended up at the railway line. Fortunately, she escaped with minor injuries.
    In another and the most dangerous case, a man sleepwalked and drove his car to his some sort of relative’s house. He then murdered his relative with a knife and got back his consciousness when he was driving his car back to his home, controlling the staring wheel with his bloody hands.

  • I get it. The woman killed her baby and her husband in her sleep. That’s really sad :(

  • That’s so good! So she killed her husband and child! Told this to my mum and she got goosebumps it was so good well done sfk

  • So her dreams affected what she did when she sleep walked.. At least, that’s what i’m getting. She (OBVIOUSLY) killed her child and her husband. Imagine the night after she murdered her husband she accidentally ends up killing herself while she sleeps…

  • lol i once sleep walked cus i needed the loo but pissed on my door xD
    hey dont judge me i was only 6 then lmfao

  • When I read the ending I sat in my chair, mouth open, for like 5 minutes!
    9/10 full moons (I got rid of one point because that’s graffic, BUT STILL AWESOME)

  • I only sleep walk occasionally . . . apparently once I came downstairs while my mum, dad and big brother were watching TV together and I said, “It’s bed time now!” And they started laughing and I said, “No, it really is!!” And they had to guide me to bed.

    Another time I was going to bed, and I was asleep on the couch, and we have a mat in the lounge. Everyone was telling me to go to bed and I just said no, went to the mat, picked it up, and started eating it. Then my parents picked me up and was taking me through the bathroom and my dad was expecting me to move my legs when he was lowering me onto the loo, but I didn’t so I got my legs a bit wet . . . lol

  • poor baby and husband…i know this is supposed to be scary but it made me cry. :'(

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