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Play The Tape

Play The Tape

Play The Tape is a short riddle about a man who is found dead under mysterious circumstances. See if you can figure out the answer to this riddle. If you can’t get it, you’ll find the answer in the comments section below.

Play The Tape

Play The Tape

Many years ago, there was a rich old man who lived alone in a mansion on top of a hill. One night, the police received a call saying that the man committed suicide. When they arrived at the scene, the old man’s butler opened the door. He said that he had been working late, cleaning up in the kitchen when he heard a shot ring out. He ran upstairs and was horrified to find his employer had killed himself.

The police asked to see the body and the butler led them upstairs, to the old man’s bedroom.

The old man was sitting, slumped over on his desk. There was a pool of blood around his head and there was a bullet wound in his temple. A gun was resting on the desk, just beside the old man’s right hand. Near his left hand, there was a tape recorder. After dusting the gun for fingerprints, they found only the fingerprints of the old man on it.

One of the policemen pressed the play button on the tape recorder. They heard the old man’s voice saying, “My name is Samuel Richardson, I’m lonely and unhappy so I have decided to leave this cruel world. I’m sorry. May God have mercy on my soul.” A second later, they heard the sound of a gunshot.

After listening to the tape, the police arrested the butler for murder.

Why did they arrest the butler?

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  • Huh. Didn’t know that tapes rewind and stop instead of continuing the recording. Strange… 🤔🤔🤔

  • The answer is that there was no one alive to turn off the recording after the bullet hit the old man so that means the butcher killed the old man? Hopefully no one else is confused🤗

  • I didn’t even read it, but, the answer if I am not mistaken is The butler wore gloves or something while holding the gun, he held the man at gunpoint and forced him to say that, then he shot him, rewound the tape, and put the gun in the mans hand, got rid of his gloves, and gets busy, or at least pretends to, calls the cops, forgets that if you are going to record a false suicide message, don’t rewind it. (My time words are all over my bad!)

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