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You can gain protection from evil spirits and demons by using these amulets, magic talismans, trinkets and charms. The word “Amulet” actually means an ornament or small piece of jewelry that will protect you against evil things.


1. Jizo Statues


A Jizo is a Japanese deity who protects children and young people against evil. There more than one million small Jizo statues spread throughout Japan at temples or along the side of roads. The Japanese care for these statues and giving them hats and bibs. Jizo statues are almost always small because he protects children.

2. Nazar


The nazar, also known as the evil-eye stone, is a Greek/Turkish amulet made from colored glass. It is used for warding off the “evil-eye”.

3. Crucifix


In the Christian religion, a crucifix will protect you against demons. It depicts Jesus suffering on the cross and symbolizes Christ’s victory over all evil.

4. Hamsa


A Hamsa is an amulet shaped like an open hand with an eye in the palm. In Arabic countries it is believed to ward off evil. You can hang it on your door or your wall, or wear it around your neck on a necklace. It is also known as a Hand of Fatima or a Hand of Miriam.

5. Scapular


Some Christians wear a scapular to protect against evil. It consists of two small, square pieces of cloth which are joined together by two long strings of cloth. You wear it around your neck like a necklace so that one square is always at your chest and the other is always at your back.

6. Eye of Horus


In ancient Egypt, people used the symbol of the Eye of Horus (also known as The Wedjat) to ward off evil.

7. Omamori


An Omamori is a Japanese amulet of protection. It consists of a prayer written on a piece of paper or wood that is kept inside a brightly colored bag.

8. Shisa


In Japan, Shisa are traditional guardian dogs that are believed to ward off evil spirits. People place the decorations in pairs on rooftops or gates to their houses to protect them from evil. The Shisa on the left has a closed mouth to keep good spirits in and the Shisa on the right has an open mouth to ward off evil spirits. (also called Komainu). In China they are

9. Horseshoes


In the 16th Century, it was believed that if you hung a horseshoe on a nail over your door, it would prevent witches from coming into your house.

10. Bottle Trees


When African slaves arrived in the United States, they created bottle trees to protect themselves from evil spirits. They found dead trees and adorned them with glass bottles scavenged from garage piles. Blue bottles were the most powerful, because they repelled evil spirits and trapped them so they would be destroyed by the sunrise.

11. Wind Chimes


Wind chimes are believed to ward off evl spirits. Modern wind chimes have their origins in Indian wind bells, which were later introduced to China, where they were eventually used to protect homes. Japanese glass wind bells known as FÅ«rin are thought to bring good luck too.

12. Mezuzah


A mezuzah is a piece of parchment containing Hebrew verses and a prayer. It is rolled up in an ornate case and fixed diagonally onto the doorpost to protect a house from Evil.

13. Algiz


The Algiz is a Celtic Rune of Protection.

14. Rowan


In some Celtic beliefs, a cross made from the branches of the rowan tree and bound with red thread was used as a protective charm above the doors of houses. As stated in the old rhyme: “Rowan tree, red thread, holds the witches all in dread.”

15. Garlic


People would often hang garlic on their doors to protect themselves against vampires.

16. Holy Water

In the Catholic religion, Holy Water is water that has been blessed by a priest. It is considered a very powerful protection against evil. You can get holy water from the special basins usually located at the door of a church. You dip your finger in it and make the sign of the cross. You can also sprinkle it on someone or something to cleanse it. If you are disposing of holy water, you can’t pour it down the drain, it has to be poured directly into the earth.

17. Salt

Salt can be used to protect against malicious spirits. If you make a circle of salt around yourself, nothing can harm you. If you make an unbroken line of salt across doorways and windowsills, evil spirits can’t cross it.

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