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Creepy Notes

Creepy Notes to leave in public places. Some pranksters have found a new way to freak people out, by leaving weird and disturbing notes in public places – on the street, in coffee shops, on the bus or train, in phone booths and even in public bathrooms. The notes contain creepy little messages that are designed to freak out whoever picks up the note and reads it.

Creepy Notes

1. Weird Games

Creepy Notes

The one in the picture above is a piece of public art by David Shrigley. The note reads: “While you are reading this there is a man in one of the windows high above you who is taking your photograph. He will then make a small model of you and put it with other small models of other people. Then he plays weird games with them.”

2. The Locked Door

Creepy Notes

A young woman named Amy was staying in a hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the hotel room, there was a strange locked door facing her bed. When she opened one of the drawers in her bedside table, she found the creepy note above. It reads: “Don’t open the locked door. Don’t trust its whispers. Leave, just leav…”

Here are some other examples of creepy notes to leave in public:

Inside the door of a bathroom stall: “Remember that closet you used to hide in when you were playing hide and seek with your friend? Too bad nobody told you those doors didn’t open back to your universe. Your mother misses you.”

On the inside wall of a bathroom stall: “You are never alone. We are always watching.”

On a crumpled piece of paper: “I watched you pick this up.”

In an envelope left on the street: “If you are reading this, it’s already too late.”

Scrawled on both sides of a piece of paper: “soscaredsoscaredsoscaredsoscared”

Note found inside the door of a public bathroom: “If I were you, I wouldn’t look in the mirror again.”

In a public phonebooth: “Don’t look behind you. You’ll spoil the surprise.”

In a hotel room: “Be quiet. You’ll wake the spiders.”

On a napkin in a restaurant: “I am watching you.”

On a crumpled piece of paper: “It’s all over the paper. You shouldn’t have picked it up.”

Written in chalk on the sidewalk: “Behind you.” then, when you turn around, there’s another note that reads: “NO… BEHIND YOU!”

Inside an envelope left on the street: “You see the man with the beard over there? He has been sent to kill you. Start running!”

Note left on a bus: “The person you just met is not who you think they are. Watch out!”

On a mirror: “If you look close enough, you’ll notice that one person in the reflection isn’t there when you look behind you.”

In someone’s bedroom: “Please clean out under your bed. I’m having trouble crawling under there at night.”

In an envelope left in the street: “You can’t see me, but I can see you.”

On a piece of paper placed face-down on the pavement: “Curiosity killed the cat. We are watching you.”

Inside a cupboard or closet: “They locked me in here.”

On a mirror: “They watch you through the mirrors. Be careful. Now they know that you know.”

Inside a fortune cookie: “You have no future.”

This poem was scrawled on a piece of paper in an abandoned house:
No matter what you say…
No matter what you do…
It’s lurking in the shadows…
It’s coming to find you…

3. Wake Up

Wake Up

4. Garden Gnomes

Creepy Notes

One day, a couple noticed that their garden gnome was missing. A few weeks later, they began receiving anonymous letters containing photos of their garden gnome in a variety of holiday destinations.

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