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Point Horror

Point Horror

Point Horror is a series of horror books for young adults written by a variety of authors like RL Stine, Christopher Pike, Caroline B Cooney, Diane Hoh, Auline Bates and Richie Tankersley Cusick. The Point Horror collection contatins over 100 books. The plots always follow the same formula: The main character is a girl who is being stalked and she suspects everyone but the one person she trusts will turn out to be the villain. Then at the end, she’ll fall in love with a guy who saves her. The best books in the series are the ones that deviate from this formula.

Point Horror

Blind Date by RL Stine

Kerry’s had a very bad year. But now his luck has finally changed. He’s got a blind date with a girl who sounds really hot. He can’t wait. He knows this girl is going to be really different. Kerry’s right. Because his blind date really is the girl of his dreams. Or maybe his worst nightmares…

Twisted by RL Stine

Abby Wallis is beautiful, popular, and crazy, and she’ll just die if she doesn’t get accepted to Tri-Gamma Sorority. But when she is asked to rob a little old lady’s antique store, she is horrified when the elderly owner suffers a fatal attack over the harmless prank. Is it murder? Or just a joke on the pledges?

The Lifeguard by Richie Tankersley Cusick

Kelsey’s summer should have been a paradise, a holiday on Beverly Island, complete with sun-drenched beaches and gorgeous lifeguards. But Kelsey’s dream holiday quickly turns into a nightmare. It starts with the note from a girl who’s missing. Then there’s the crazy man in the lighthouse with his mysterious warnings. And there have been a number of suspicious drownings… At least she has the lifeguards around to protect her… Poor Kelsey. Someone forgot to tell her that lifeguards don’t always like to save lives.

My Secret Admirer by Carol Ellis

Jenny is new in town. Her parents go away, leaving her all alone in an isolated house. The mountains surrounding the town loom ominously, guarding the secret of what really happened the day of Diana Benson’s accident. Then the phonecalls start… Jenny has a secret admirer, who courts her with sweet messages and flowers. But she also has an enemy, who chases her on a lonely road. Does she know too much about the ‘accident’ on the cliffs? and is there anyone she can trust? Jenny has no one to turn to. Except her secret admirer… But who is he?

The Baby-Sitter by RL Stine

From the minute that Jenny accepts the Hagen baby-sitting job, she knows she has made a terrible mistake. First there is the dark and gloomy Hagen house, filling her with dread and horror. Then the crank phone calls start, and Jenny discovers a creepy “neighbour” prowling in the backyard. When she finds a threatening note in her bag, she realizes that this isn’t a harmless game. But who wants to hurt her? What kind of manic is wiling to scare her… to death?

Trick or Treat by Richie Tankersley Cusick

Martha knew there was something evil about the house she was moving into. It was so cold…and creepy. And it wasn’t just the house that was giving her a weird feeling. Martha was sure someone was following her… watching her every move. Then the practical jokes began, the scarecrow with the carving knife in its head, the fire. And the phone calls: ‘Trick or Treat, Martha…you’re dead.’ It was October, but these were no Halloween tricks. Someone would be coming home this year with more than just a bag of treats. And Martha was the prize.

April Fools by Richie Tankersley Cusick

Driving back from a party on 1st April, Belinda, Frank and Hildy are involved in a gruesome accident. The people in the other car could never have survived the accident, so Frank insists that they scarper. Two weeks later, Belinda is the only one who still feels guilty about the accident. Then the ‘pranks’ begin and her nightmare really begins.

Beach Party by RL Stine

It’s the ultimate beach party in California. And Karen, who’s just broken up with her boyfriend, is going to enjoy every minute of it–especially having two new guys who like her. But the party takes a nasty turn when Karen realizes someone is out to spoil the fun by getting rid of her.

Funhouse by Diane Hoh

The Boardwalk is the focal point in the lives of the teenagers of Santa Luisa. When the Devil’s Elbow rollercoaster flies off the rails, everyone thinks it was a terrible accident. So no one believes Tess, when she says she saw someone tampering with the track. But one person knows that Tess is telling the truth. That person is playing a deadly game and now Tess is in the way. When another ‘accident’ occurs in the Funhouse, Tess knows she was the intended victim. But who is doing all of this? And why? Tess is just beginning to realize that the Funhouse can scare you… to death.

Teacher’s Pet by Richie Tankersley Cusick

Kate loves to be thrilled and is fascinated by horror. But she gets more than she bargained for when she goes on a week-long writing conference. When Gideon takes over Kate’s classes, someone doesn’t like the idea of her being teacher’s pet – someone who isn’t afraid to kill…

The Boyfriend by RL Stine

Wealthy, beautiful, spoilt Joanna Collier has it all, including her boyfriend Dex. But then she breaks up with him – the gorgeous Shep seems more her type. When Dex dies in a terrible accident, Joanna’s sorry, of course, but it’s not her fault is it? She never loved him anyway – he was just another toy to be used and thrown away. But now Dex is back – from the dead. And he wants one last date with her…

Mirror Mirror by DE Athkins

Dore is a senior, a pretty girl, with a best friend and a boyfriend who is the team mascot. Things seem to be going well, but still she feels something is missing. When a new girl appears on the scene and influences her to try to have it all, everything falls apart and Dore finds that behind every beauty a beast sometimes lurks.

Mother’s Helper by A Bates

Becky can hardly believe it. Spending the summer as a mother’s helper on a romantic island, earning money for college and working on her tan at the same time. What a lucky break! Too bad… Becky’s luck is about to change.

Sister Dearest by DE Athkins

Since Vicki’s accident, everyone has been treating her like an invalid, including her brother and sister. Now someone is playing pranks on Vicki, cruel pranks that remind her of the accident. Vicki knows she can rely on her siblings to help her sort things out. After all, isn’t blood thicker than water?

The Accident by Diane Hoh

She appears in Megan’s mirror one day, a pale shadow. She is the ghost of Juliet, a young girl who tragically drowned in the lake. She makes a strange request – she begs Megan to change places with her, just for a week. Megan reluctantly agrees, but who is Juliet?

The Cheerleader by Caroline B Cooney

Beautiful, popular, exciting-the girl Althea longs to be. But Althea is a nobody-she gets no phone calls, shares no laughter, has no friends. Then one day she meets him-a vampire who offers to make her the cheerleader, in exchange for a simple bargain. Soon Althea has everything she desires: beauty, friends, success. But Althea wants more-and she’ll do anything to get it…

The Girlfriend by RL Stine

Scotty Singleton has it all, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect future, the perfect life. Then, one weekend Lora goes away and Scotty meets someone else. Now he has a new girlfriend, one who doesn’t want to let him go, and slowly his perfect life starts to turn into a nightmare. Scotty’s new girlfriend won’t take no for an answer, and she’s prepared to love him…to death.

The Invitation by Diane Hoh

Five not-so-popular teens are invited to an annual party given by snooty Cass. Ushered into the mansion, they are soon part of a human scavenger hunt in which they are tied, bound, and hidden. Further victimization includes being heated in a sauna, cooled in a freezer, and nearly asphyxiated by a car’s running motor.

Camp Fear

Almost everyone at Camp Silverlake is afraid of something: creepy crawlies, snakes, swimming in the lake. But there is a much deeper, darker fear shared by some of the counselors… the fear that one terrible secret they share will be discovered. For seven years they’ve kept it hidden – ever since the summer when they were campers themselves. The summer one camper didn’t make it home alive… Now someone is using their secret – and their fears – to play a terrifying game of vengeance. A game that could turn deadly.

Hit & Run by RL Stine

Eddie, Scott, Winks and Cassie. Four best friends go out in a car one night to practise their driving. Especially Eddie. But then Eddie has a terrible accident and now the four friends share a horrifying secret. Because Eddie has hit someone and killed him. Or has he?

The Hitch-Hiker by RL Stine

Christina and Terri, two friends having the time of their lives as they drive through Florida after a fun holiday in the sun. Then they see the hitchhiker – handsome powerfully built with short blond hair. He seems too good to resist, and so Christina stops to pick him up. He’s everything she thought he’d be – and more. Much, much more. Perhaps enough to thrill Christina and Terri – to dead

Halloween Night by RL Stine

Brenda hates her cousin, Halley, and she’s not the only one. Halley shouldn’t go around stealing other people’s boyfriends, it could get her into trouble. Big trouble. Brenda is determined to have her revenge – the perfect finale to her Halloween party. She’s going to stop Halley’s evil games once and for all, and give her just what she deserves… Come party time, Halley’s in for a nasty surprise… But does Brenda really hate Halley that much? Surely she’s only having a little Halloween fun isn’t she?

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