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Plymouth Light

Plymouth Light

In the 1760s Plymouth Light House was manned by husband and wife, John and Hannah Thomas. The pair were faithful to their duties and kept the oil lamp in the tower burning.

When John left to fight in the Revolutionary War, Hannah faithfully kept the lamps burning by herself. John never returned from the war and was presumed dead but Hannah continued to tend Plymouth Light faithfully, becoming America’s first female lighthouse keeper.

The lighthouse no longer needs a resident keeper but apparently Hannah is still on duty. When Bob and Sandra Shanklins, lighthouse photographers, decided to spend the night in the old keeper’s dwelling at Plymouth Lighthouse, Bob awoke during the night. He saw a woman’s face hovering above Sandra’s head. The woman was wearing and old time garment that buttoned tight around her long neck. Her long dark hair was parted and flowed down to her shoulders. She appeared to be in her mid-thirties and seemed intensely sad. Bob turned his head away from the woman to look at the lighthouse through the window. When he turned his attention back to the apparition, it was gone.

Bob and Sandra surmised that she was probably Hannah Thomas, thinking that John had finally returned home from the war.

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