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Pink Jelly Bean

Pink Jelly Bean

The Pink Jelly Bean is a scary story for kids. This is a jump tale where you are supposed to yell the last line to scare the audience. It is a variant of In a Dark Dark Room.

Pink Jelly Bean

Once there was a dark, dark town that had been abandoned for many years.

In that dark, dark town there was a dark, dark neighborhood.

In that dark, dark neighborhood, there was a long dark road.

At the end of that long, dark road, there was a long, dark path.

At the end of that long, dark path, there was a lone, dark house.

That lone, dark house has a single, dark door.

Behind the single, dark door, there was a long, dark hall.

At the end of that long, dark hall, there were some tall, dark stairs.

At the top of those tall, dark stairs, there was a dark, dark room.

In that dark, dark room, there was a narrow, dark closet.

In that narrow, dark closet there was a small, dark box.

And in that dark, dark box there was a…

Pink Jelly Bean!!!!

scary for kids


    It would’ve been scarier if they were the nasty black jelly beans

  • Pink Jelly Bean? Like the story where a woman finds COLOURFUL SMARTIES in a coffin in a house or mansion.

  • If you have a sleepover, tell the story with the the lights off and yell-PINK JELLY BEANS-. in the middle of the night put pink jelly beans all over them, wake them up and hide.

  • someone went all that way probably terrified just to find a pink jelly bean in a small box.. what a let down

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