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Giant Baby

Giant Baby

The Giant Baby is a scary story for kids about a child that grows into a monster. It is based on an old legend from Ireland called The Monster of Bay Lough. The illustration below is a 3D chalk drawing optical illusion.

Giant Baby

High up in Ireland’s Knockmealdown mountains, hidden between the peaks and valleys, there is a large lake named “Bay Lough”. According to legend, the lake is bottomless and a giant baby monster lurks at the bottom.

Many years ago, there was a man and his wife who lived in a small whitewashed hut with a thatched roof by the side of the lake. They were a hard-working couple and they spent their days tending to their small farm. Their nearest neighbors were a mile away and people rarely passed by unless they were hunting or collecting wood for the fire.

The man and his wife were happy together, but they longed to have a child to make their lives complete. At long last, the woman became pregnant and when she gave birth to a little baby boy, the couple were beside themselves with joy.

One day, while the man was out in the woods hunting for food, the woman left the baby in its cradle, and went out to milk the cow. When she returned with a bucket of milk, she checked the baby and thought there was something strange about the way he looked. He seemed much bigger than he had just a short time before.

As she watched in amazement, the baby began growing right in front of her eyes. Before long, he was too big for his cradle. The baby climbed out and crawled across the floor. He grabbed a cake that was sitting on the oven, crammed it into his mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.

The baby grew even larger and looked around hungrily for more things to eat. The woman dropped the bucket of milk, let out a shriek and ran out of the house. When he heard his wife’s screams, her husband came running out of the woods.

“What’s wrong?” he cried.

“It’s the baby!” she screamed. “He’s gone mad! He’s eating everything!”

No sooner did the words leave her lips, than the baby came crashing through the front door of the house. He was as big as a door and a thick covering of hair was growing all over his body. He looked like a monster.

The baby grabbed a cow, opened his mouth wide and right before their eyes, he swallowed it whole. Then, he turned and stared at his parents. He was drooling at the mouth and gnashing his teeth.

“Good Lord!” the man exclaimed. “He’s going to eat us all!”

The woman began to pray and the man held up a crucifix that hung around his neck. The monstrous baby took one look at the cross and ran off, climbing the steep path that led up the side of the mountain. The man and woman followed him.

All the time, the baby was growing bigger and bigger, and he was growling and slavering like a wild beast. As he ran, he grabbed animals left and right and devoured them whole. On and on he went up the mountain path until he reached the lake of Bay Lough.

The wind was rising and black clouds were gathering on the hills. The giant baby stood on the shore of the lake and let out a thunderous roar. A wild blast of wind shrieked through the hills and valleys.

The man and his wife hid themselves behind a rock and watched as the wind caught hold of the giant baby and carried him out into the middle of the lake. As the baby sank beneath the waves, the wind died down and the water became calm.

A deathly silence death hung over Bay Lough and the couple cried bitter tears at the loss of their baby.

They say that the giant baby is still there, lurking at the bottom of Bay Lough. Every year, a fierce wind howls through the mountains and the sound of the monster screeching can be heard over the lake. According to legend, when the end of the world comes, the Monster of Bay Lough will emerge from the murky waters and devour the world.

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