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Older Sister

The Older Sister is a creepy story about a young girl who longs to have a sister to play with. It is based on an idea by Bellemaus.

Older Sister

I always wanted a little sister. When my parents brought Sarah home, it was the happiest day of my life. She was so cute! I couldn’t wait to share my toys with her.

She slept in my mother and father’s room for the first couple of days. She cried a lot at first. She cried so loud that sometimes she would keep us all awake at night. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t hear her.

Eventually, Daddy made a bedroom for her in the basement. He also built a bed for her with bars so she couldn’t get out. Sometimes I would creep down to the basement just to look at her. I’d see her lying there with her eyes open, just staring at the ceiling.

My parents told me not to give her anything sharp in case she hurt herself. I passed her some of my toys through the bars, but she just threw them away and started crying again. She didn’t seem to care for toys much.

I went to school during the week, but Sarah had to stay home. Mommy said she wasn’t ready for school yet. When I came home, I would always tell Sarah all about the stuff I had learned that day. I drew pictures of us playing together.

I’ll never forget the day I came home from school and Sarah was nowhere to be found. Her bed was empty and all her clothes were gone. Mommy was just sitting at the kitchen table, smoking a cigarette. She looked really sad. When I asked her where Sarah was, she started crying.

“Sarah’s gone,” she sobbed.

I didn’t understand. “We need to find her!” I cried.

My mother just shook her head. “Sarah’s dead. She’s in Heaven now.”

Daddy took her bed apart. He threw away all the drawings I had done of her. My parents never talked about Sarah again and they refused to mention her name. It was as if she had never existed.

I was puzzled by their behavior.

Then, one Saturday, my mother took me shopping with her. She had a package to mail, so we stopped at the post office. While my mother queued up to buy stamps, I looked at all the posters on the walls.

My eyes settled on one poster in particular. It was a picture of Sarah.

She was just as cute as I remembered.

Underneath her picture, there was some writing. It read:

“Missing. Sarah Winfield, age 16. Abducted from her home in 2011. If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please contact the police immediately…”

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  • The title kind of ruined the story for me because I figured out what was going to happen. This story should be named “My new sister” so that everything is revealed at the end.

    But for those of you who don’t get it, Sarah isn’t a little baby– Sarah was a 16 year old girl that got kidnapped by the narrator’s parents and was being kept hostage but was killed at the end of the story. Hence the title “older sister”

  • oh i get it. the girl who is telling the story is mental and is like 18 or something. and the girls dad made sarhah a jail cell so she could not escape. and the parents told the kid not to give sarah any sharp things so she could not kill herself. and sarah got something sharp and killed herself maybe. and they put her in the basement so no one could hear her when she screamed for help. atleast sarah didn’t have to suffer anymore… i feel bad for her.

  • You guys are idiots. It means that the daughter had a mental disorder and begged her parents to have a younger sister. The parents kidnapped Sarah who was 16 years old. And they put her in the basement in a jail cell so she couldn’t escape. The parents told the daughter not to give Sarah anything sharp so she couldn’t kill herself. And they said Sarah wasn’t ready for school because they knew that if Sarah left to go to ”school” she would actually run away.So on the day that Sarah died what probably happened was Sarah got ahold of something sharp and killed herself. So when they went to the post office, the poster said Sarah was missing.

  • and I also doubt that the parents killed sarah… I mean it says that when the narrator asked where sarah was, her mom started sobbing. if they killed her, why she be crying? it makes a lot of sense to me…

  • I think the “older sister” was either younger than sarah, or she had a mental problem… anyway, its a sad story (and confusing)

  • So let me get this clear….. Sarah wasn’t a baby at all she was 16 .. Argghh!! This story sucks

    I think that the narrator has a mental disorder and because Sarah, who was kidnapped, was brought to the family AFTER the narrator, the mentally disabled narrator automatically considers her a baby. Sarah refuses to accept anything from the family, explaining the toys. She can’t go to school because she could escape or someone could help her escape. Her “bed with bars” is a cage. She can’t be given anything sharp because she might kill herself or escape. She either was killed by the narrator’s parents, starved to death, or killed herself.

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