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Man in Black

The Man in Black is a spooky story about two young boys who encounter a tall dark stranger in a small Mexican village.

The Man in Black

In a small village in Mexico, two young boys were sitting on a wall, watching the people pass by. It was a hot, lazy day and the sun was beating down. The kids were taking shelter beneath the shade of an old oak tree.

Just as they were about to doze off, they saw a tall, dark stranger approaching. His appearance startled them and they noticed how strangely the man walked. He was dressed from head to toe in black. His jet black hair was slicked back and he wore an expensive black suit with a tie. His clothing looked out of place in the dusty Mexican village.

As the man in black drew nearer, one boy felt a chill run down his spine. The other boy’s hair was standing on end. Neither of them knew why.

“Are you hungry?” asked the man in black. Before the boys could reply, the man took his hand out of his pocket and held out some money.

One of the boys eagerly reached out and grabbed the cash.

“Don’t take anything from him,” whispered the other boy in a warning tone.

The first boy ignored his friend and greedily stuffed the bills into his pockets. He was surprised to find that he had broken out into a cold sweat.

“Don’t take his money!” said the other boy.

The first boy turned to his friend and, in an angry voice, he shouted, “Shut up!”

When he turned back, he was shocked to see that the man in black had disappeared.

He quickly got to his feet and looked up and down the street, but there was no sign of the tall, dark stranger. He felt a strange creeping fear wash over him.

“Didn’t you see his feet?” asked the other boy. “Of course you didn’t. You were too busy looking at the money in his hands. You didn’t even pay attention to his feet…”

The first boy was confused and didn’t answer at first. His hands were shaking and he just stood there looking down at the ground.

In the dust, there was a trail of cloven hoofprints.

“You know who that was, don’t you,” said the other boy. “That man was the Devil!”

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  • I think it’s a bit silly to end the story like that without giving any background on what the devil wanted, it’s like writing a story saying:
    “One Day Little Jack Bought An Ice-Cream, When He Left He Realised The Man Who Sold Him The Ice-Cream Was The Devil.”
    It’s like… Did they live happily ever after or what???

  • @Satan666 Don’t listen to Hollywood fiction. Lucifer used to be an Angel, but was cast out when he tried to take over Heaven. He didn’t loose his form either…and no, the story is not what he looks like…he is not red with a pitchfork & fire round him. Nobody knows what he actually looks like.

  • that was a good story…. I thought the devil was red with a pitchfork & fire around him.

  • @Requiem the boy wasn’t very nice at all :( but I think that he was posessed by the devil to say that. The devil can make you say mean things.

  • So did the first boy sell his soul by accident by taking the money? The boy wasn’t very nice to say shut up when he’s trying to help him :(

  • @Chloe3100, I think I got the story. There were 2 boys who weren’t doing anything, and they saw this well dressed guy in a black suit (which I guess was uncommon since they lived in a small village). He asked the small boy if he was hungry and gave him money. His friend for some reason had a creepy feeling and told him not to take it. The greedy boy got angry and turned to him and told him to shut up. Then he realized that the man in black had vanished. His friend then, told him that he was so busy looking at the money in his hands that he didn’t notice the mans feet (which were in the shape of hooves). The boy then saw the mans footprint.

  • Hope the story will be good , didnt read it yet… Urm , i read it , but i cant understand it.. can anyone tell me what happened?

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