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No More Mr Nice Guy

No More Mr Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy is a scary episode of the TV show Freddy’s Nightmares. It tells the story of how Freddy was murdered and how he started killing the kids of Springwood.

No More Mr Nice Guy

The story begins in a courtroom where a man named Fred Krueger is on trial for the murders of seven children. He is accused of being the Springwood Slasher. The prosecution are showing gruesome slides of all his victims.

Tim Blocker, the cop who arrested Freddy, is in the courtroom. Sitting beside him are his wife and his twin daughters, Lisa and Merit.

No More Mr Nice Guy

Lisa seems to be OK, but Merit is almost catatonic. Ever since she was attacked by Freddy, she hasn’t been the same. She doesn’t eat. She doesn’t sleep. She never speaks. She can’t live a normal life.

No More Mr Nice Guy

“Let us not forget,” the prosecutor says, “If Officer Blocker had not acted so quickly, his own children would be pictures on those slides instead of sitting here with their father today.”

Freddy’s defense attorney stands up and asks the judge to dismiss the case because the cop who arrested Freddy didn’t read him his rights.

No More Mr Nice Guy

The judge reviews the evidence and reluctantly agrees. All charges against Freddy are dropped and the case is dismissed.

“Your honor!” the prosecutor protests. “This man cannot be allowed to walk free!”

“He should have been read his rights at the time of his arrest,” says the judge. “I’m sorry, but the law is the law. If the proper procedures had been followed, this would not have happened.”

The guards take off Freddy’s shackles and he walks out of the courtroom a free man.

No More Mr Nice Guy

The parents of the murdered children are angry. One of them confronts the cop.

“This is your fault!” she screams. “You screwed up and now he’s free! This is on your head!”

The prosecutor and the angry parents meet outside the courtroom. They decide to form a vigilante group to track down Freddy and mete out their own brand of justice.

No More Mr Nice Guy

Delighted to be free again, Fred Krueger returns to his lair, a boiler room beneath the power station where he used to work. The dingy room is filled with souvenirs of his monstrous crimes.

He picks up his glove, slowly puts it on and cackles, “Freddy’s Home!”

No More Mr Nice Guy

That night, Freddy turns up at Officer Blocker’s house. He lurks in the bushes outside and peers in through the window.

No More Mr Nice Guy

The twins are sitting on the couch with their mother. Lisa is frightened and Merit is crying uncontrollably.

“Freddy’s coming for us,” Lisa says.

“You’re getting Merit all upset,” her mother replies. “Everything is going to be fine. Your father is going to be home soon.”

“He’s out there now,” Lisa insists. “I can feel him.”

“Please stop it,” her mother cries. “I can’t take this anymore. Enough about Fred Kreuger!”

No More Mr Nice Guy

Officer Blocker comes home and Freddy is forced to flee before anyone can see him.

“That maniac is still loose on the streets,” his wife complains.

“Are you saying it’s my fault?” he asks. “When I saw what he was about to do to our girls, I was too crazy to remember every procedural detail.”

As he’s about to leave, Lisa stops him.

“Daddy, you can’t kill Freddy,” she warns. “You’ll only make it worse.”

No More Mr Nice Guy

The vigilante group goes to look for Freddy at the old power plant. They venture down into the boiler room and find Freddy’s bedroom. Amongst the trash and the junk, they see some children’s toys.

No More Mr Nice Guy

One of the mothers picks up a ball and bursts into tears.

“This belonged to my Mary,” she cries.

When they turn the corner, they discover Freddy lurking in the shadows. The prosecutor lifts his shotgun and aims it at Freddy.

No More Mr Nice Guy

All of a sudden, Officer Blocker bursts in.

“Put that gun down,” he says. “I’m taking him in clean and legal.”

“Hey, Cop! You got some pretty little daughters,” Freddy cackles. “We got interrupted before I could get to know them, but they’ll like it a lot better next time.”

“Next time?” the cop gasps.

Freddy just laughs.

For Blocker, it’s the final straw. “The law’s the law,” he says, “but tonight the law is on vacation.”

He grabs a can off gasoline and pours it all over Freddy.

“You missed a spot!” Freddy taunts. “Go ahead, light it! I dare ya!”

The cop lights a match and throws it at Freddy. He erupts into a ball of flames and begins thrashing around and laughing at the top of his lungs.

No More Mr Nice Guy

“I’d rather burn up than fade away!” he cackles.

No More Mr Nice Guy

When Freddy has been reduced to a charred corpse, the cop turns to look at the other parents.

“We’re all in this together,” he says. “The rest of the town hears nothing… Understood?”

No More Mr Nice Guy

Weeks later, Officer Blocker has a nightmare in which a postman leaves a package on his doorstep. It’s a green and red striped box.

No More Mr Nice Guy

When he opens it, Freddy’s gloved hand springs out and slashes him across the face.

He wakes up in a cold sweat. He’s been having nightmares ever since he killed Fred Krueger.

“You were protecting our daughters,” his wife says. “You didn’t kill a person. You killed some mindless, evil thing.”

Blocker starts to feel better, but when he looks at himself in a mirror, he notices four long scratches on his face.

No More Mr Nice Guy

Blocker drops his daughters off at school. Merit is seeing the school counsellor and she’s supposed to be getting better.

“Take care of your sister,” he tells Lisa. “If she has any problems, call me and I’ll come pick her up.”

Just then, Merit starts singing, “One, two I’m coming for you…”

No More Mr Nice Guy

When he gets to work, Blocker finds a letter waiting for him on his desk. He opens it and finds a message, scrawled in blood.

No More Mr Nice Guy

Before he can show it to anybody, it bursts into flames.

A colleague informs him that the F.B.I is looking into the Fred Krueger case. When he hears this, Blocker flies into a panic. He’s worried that the F.B.I will figure out that he murdered Freddy.

A few hours later, the police find a dead body in the boiler room at the power station. It’s the prosecutor. He has four long bloody gouges in his chest.

No More Mr Nice Guy

When he gets home from work, Blocker tells his wife, “It’s all coming apart… The town… The people… Me…”

That night, he has a dream in which he’s arrested for the murder of Fred Krueger and put on death row. The guards lead him down a long corridor.

No More Mr Nice Guy

When they open the door at the end and bring him into the execution chamber, his daughters are standing there beside a dentist’s chair. Freddy’s shadow appears on the wall behind them.

No More Mr Nice Guy

Blocker is starting to freak out. At breakfast, he tries to drink his morning coffee, but his hands are shaking. His daughters are wondering what’s wrong with him.

No More Mr Nice Guy

“Merit talks in her sleep, Daddy,” Lisa tells him. “She says Freddy’s name over and over.”

Merit starts singing, “He told me you killed him. He told me you killed him…”

“Who have you been talking to?” her father demands.

“Freddy, he’s back,” she sings. “In my dreams and yours…”

No More Mr Nice Guy

Blocker is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“We have to leave town,” he tells his wife. “We have to leave Springwood. We need to get out before he gets both of the girls. Freddy’s poisoned this place. He owns it.”

When Blocker arrives at the dentist’s office to have his tooth fixed, the nurse tells him to sit down in the dentist’s chair. She gives him an injection.

No More Mr Nice Guy

“Now I want you to count backwards from 10,” she says.

He closes his eyes and starts counting.

All of a sudden, he hears a raspy voice singing, “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four, Better lock your door…”

He feels himself being strapped into the chair.

When he opens his eyes, Freddy is standing there. Instead of finger-knives on his glove, he has grotesque surgical drills.

No More Mr Nice Guy

“All those teeth,” Freddy laughs. “I’m afraid they’ll all have to go. Tell Freddy when it doesn’t hurt.”

“But… But…You’re dead!” Blocker gasps.

“Big deal!” shouts Freddy.

No More Mr Nice Guy

He starts up the drills and shoves them into Blocker’s mouth. There’s blood and teeth flying everywhere.

“Now there’s a smile every mother could love,” chuckles Freddy.

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