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Nightmare House

Nightmare House

The Nightmare House game is a free online scary point and click adventure based on A Nightmare On Elm Street. In the game’s plot, you live on Elm Street, next door to the house of the infamous Freddy Krueger. For years you have heard stories of the terrible things that happened here. On a dare from your friends, you decide to explore the scary house and unlock Freddy’s mysteries. Nightmare house is a remake of an earlier flash game called Escape From Elm Street.

Here are some hints and cheats from the Nightmare House Walkthrough.

-Grab the hammer on the floor
-Go upstairs to the bathroom, smash the mirror with the hammer, enter 12 1 15 into the lockbox
-go down to the kitchen, search the cabinets for the knife
-Use the key on the kitchen door, go into the basement, examine the rope holding the pipe- use the knife on it
-examine the stove, pull the lever inside
-go through the new door, and go straight ahead into the grave room
-examine the hand in the grave, get the toolshed key
-go back into the room with 3 doors, go in the left one
-pull the rope, go to the room across the hall
-Pull the left rope, go back across the hall
-push the right button, go across the hall again
-push the middle button, go back for the last time. Pick up the lighter
-go to the tool shed out back
-use the lighter to see
-turn on the switch on the wall
-Start the computer, run “machine works”
-Choose operate machine and input “5023” as the access code
-go down the newly opened passage
-go into the room on the left. Use the hammer to pull out each nail on the board. Press the switch that is uncovered
-go back to the previous room, and this time go to the room on the left.
-turn on the laser on the right side. Click the mirrors and use the arrow keys to position them. Position them so that the laser ends up reflecting into the node on the left side of the screen
-return to the middle room and go through the door straight ahead
-pick up the attic key
-go back in the house and go up to the attic
-use the attic key on the door in front of you
-the following puzzle is a lights out puzzle. Using the brackets below to represent the lights, press them in the following order:
(note that the puzzle will reset if you leave and re-enter the room)
-go back downstairs and into the last bedroom
-Read the entire diary on the nightstand
-Click on the lightbulb now. Accept. This will make you fall asleep.
-When fighting fred, the only way to stun him is to shoot his glove. However, this will not actually hurt him. It will only keep him from getting close and damaging you. There is a pipe in the upper left of the screen. If you shoot it, it wobbles. Shoot it when fred is underneath and it will fall on him.
-From here you can choose to shoot him or use the holy water. You will only be able to use the holy water if you found it earlier. See “Secret Area” below. Using the holy water gets the good ending, shooting him gets the bad ending.
Congratulations, You have now beaten “Nightmare House”

****Secret Area**** In the upstairs bedroom, before the bathroom, examine the nightstand you will find some weed. Go downstairs to the TV, and turn it on. Now use the weed. You must have the lighter in your inventory for this to work. You will trip out and have to escape fred in a dream sequence. Survive and you will get holy water, to use in the final boss fight.

****Easter Eggs**** -In the basement, on the bookshelf, are two clickable books. Choose the one on the bottom shelf, with the yellow dot. You will get a picture of the original NES fred game. Mouse over to see what fred thinks of it.
-In the bathroom, click the toilet handle to jam the toilet. Wait for a little while and the bathroom will flood itself. The flood will pour into the room behind you, which can even be seen happening in the bathroom mirror

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