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Exmortis is a scary flash game you can play online for free. You wake up in the woods with no memory of how you got there. You spot a house in a clearing up ahead and decide to shelter there for the night. Soon, you will realise that death is a welcome choice compared to what lies waiting for you inside…

Wait for the game to load, then click on the symbol to start.

If you get stuck, see the Exmortis Walkthrough below

Exmortis Walkthrough

-Click on the front door of the house
-Click on the door to enter and then go to the second floor
-Go to the right and click on the hatch on the ceiling
-Go up passageway
-The code is 3489.
-Go back and go straight ahead.
-Go inside the bathroom and find key lodged in the sink
-Go back and click on the picture frame and use code to open safe.
-Read all 3 books and look up 4 symbols
-Go back and venture down to the first floor…Hey who’s that???
-Look at the picture frame to see satanic sign. You need this later.
_Keep going down the hallway and check the clock for symbols
-Go through the right door
-Microwave has third symbol
-Don’t take knife on shelf because you need a larger weapon
-Make sure you read the second book
-Go back to the main hall and use the key on the left door.
-The fourth symbol is behind the hand
-Read the book about Gwen
-Return to the second floor and go left
-Door is open. Click on Gwen
-Go back to first floor and as u go back to the hallway,enter the door
-Use axe on the door 3 times
-Keep going straight. Attack with axe.
-Look at symbol smeared on his forehead
-Continue down the hallway
-Key is buried in the dirt
-Go back and use the key on the door.

scary for kids


  • i have been exploring this house for hours and that door still won’t open.. i give up.. -_-

  • this game is too hard and too long i like the house 2 and 1 since there short and scarier

  • I DO NOT LIKE SCARY POP-UPS, EVEN SOUNDLESS-AND THIS GAME HAD PLENTY OF THEM! Gyaaah!!! I was too scared after the pop-ups so I quit -_-“.

  • to rat96: if u havent figured it out already you get the knife by opening the microwave u dont need to get a larger weapon

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