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Newton House

Newton House

Newton House in Wales was built in the 1660s on the ruins of Dinefwr Castle. It is a strange looking house with solid grey stone walls and corners crowned by four tall towers. It also has a ghost story or two to tell.

During its history, Dinefwr Castle and Newton House were the site of terrible wars and horrific murder. There are several areas of Newton House brimming with paranormal activity. Visitors that climb the house’s main stairwell have felt a horrible sensation around their throats, as if they were being strangled. Some say this is due to the ghost of a man who was hanged here centuries ago.

At the top of the stairs, the spirit of a haggard old woman has been seen. She is dressed in black and exudes such animosity and dread that many dare not walk past the area where she has been spotted.

One of the house’s most infamous ghosts is The Lady in White. It is believed she is the spirit of Lady Elinir Cavendish, a visitor to Newton House who was murdered there. She was being forced to marry a man that she didn’t love and, in order to escape his clutches, she sought sanctuary with her family at Newton House. Driven to madness by the rejection, her spurned lover followed her to Newton House and murdered her in cold blood.

Her ghost has walked the building ever since and has been seen on the second floor. Her ghost was particularly active in the 1980s, when the house was occupied by a television company. Many of the film crew fell ill during this time and there are reports of strange happenings during filming.

The director and an editor were both working in an edit suite when suddenly they saw a beautiful young woman appear, seemingly out of nowhere. The apparition proceeded to glide slowly and silently across the room before vanishing into a cupboard. They searched the area where she had disappeared but there was no sign of her. They believe they had seen the spectral Lady in White of Newton House.

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