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Farnsworth House

Farnsworth House

Farnsworth House is a haunted inn, located in Gettysburg. It was built in 1810, and was involved in the Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863 when Confederate soldiers used it as a stronghold. They took up positions in the Garret room in the attic to shoot at their enemies.

Farnsworth House

The bloody battle at Farnsworth House lasted for three days and over 100 bullet holes from this conflict are still visible on the walls of the hotel. Unfortunately, in the confusion of battle, one of the soldiers accidentally shot and killed an innocent young girl named Jenny Wade.

Her ghost now haunts the Jenny Wade room where her portrait hangs. Many people try to take photos of her picture but they always come out blank. People who sleep in her room report hearing murmuring voices during the night and one woman felt a cold wet hand stroking her face as she lay in bed.

The hallways of Farnsworth House come alive in the dead of night, with the sounds of loud footsteps marching up and down all night long, growing louder and louder, and strange shadows moving and twisting back and forth in the halls.

In the Sara Black room, lights turn on and off, faucets suddenly spray out water, shades roll up and down, and window shutters bang from the inside. A man was sleeping when he felt someone sitting or lying down on the bed beside him. He heard whispered voices, and the sobbing of a crying child.

Years ago, a small boy named Jeremy was out playing in front of the house when a horse and carriage passed by. The driver didn’t see the boy and ran him over, killing him instantly. Guests have seen his ghost, replaying the accident over and over, falling to his doom beneath the battering hooves and wheels. The ghost of his distraught father has also been spotted in a window of the hotel, watching in mute horror as his son is killed over and over for all eternity.

Some visitors bring toys for Jeremy’s ghost to play with. They leave them on the floor of their room overnight and wake in the morning to find that the toys have moved.

One guest entered the second floor bathroom and saw blood running down its walls. Over a century before, a soldier was shot in the attic, and he was left to bleed to death directly above that second floor bathroom.

The attic door is always kept locked, but one woman who stayed in the hotel saw the door creak open slowly as she passed by and something was peering at her from the darkness within. Another woman and her daughter said they were standing in front of the attic door when the padlock began to shake violently. The door burst open and something pushed past them and flew down the stairs, then just disappeared.

One guest awoke during the night and, looking out her window, saw the ghosts of three Civil War soldiers lying mortally wounded on the lawn outside, calling to her for help.

The owners of Farnsworth House hold seances in the haunted basement of the hotel and regularly experience strange noises, whispering voices and chairs moving by themselves.

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  • My house is haunted too my ipad get on and levitates sometimes my ipad patteren is unlocked I live near this hotel my house is no different than this come :-) over fir a sleep over if u don’t belive me

  • OK i swear when i finished reading this, one of the cups moved on the side board. Little scared now, cuz the boiler wont stop making a weird clicking sound. Darn, oh well this is ma nans house, but my house is haunted anyway so it aint to bad.

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