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Mysteries of the World

Mysteries of the World

Top 10 unexplained mysteries of the world. To this day these cases remain unsolved.

Mysteries of the World

1. The House of Blood

In 1987, 77-year old Minnie Winston and her husband William (79) lived in a house in Atlanta, Georgia. One night, they discovered blood flowing down the walls of their kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallways, bathroom and basement. The old couple were alarmed and unable to come up with a satisfactory explanation. The mysterious blood continued to come out of the floors and walls, so they called the police. An investigation revealed that the liquid was human blood, Type O. Both William and Minnie were Type A. The police were at a loss to explain the phenomena and dropped the investigation.

2. Tamam Shud

Mysteries of the World

In 1948, the dead body of a man was found on the beach in Adelaide, Australia. Police were unable to identify him. In a hidden pocket in the man’s pants, they found a small, crumpled piece of paper had two words printed on it: “Tamám Shud”. The paper had been torn out of book that was found nearby. The book contained a complex coded cipher that the police were unable to solve. To this day, nobody knows who the man was, how he died, what the words “Tamám Shud” meant or what the cipher meant.

3. Dyatlov Pass

Mysteries of the World

In 1959, a group of 9 hikers were found dead under mysterious circumstances in the Ural Mountains in Russia. They were partially clothed and it seemed that they ripped their tent open from the inside. Five of them froze to death nearby. They had no external injuries on their bodies, but four of them had fractured skulls and broken ribs and one woman was missing her eyes and tongue. When their clothing was tested, high levels of radiation were found. To this day, nobody knows how they died.

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5. Lead Masks

Lead Masks

6. Faces of Belmez

Faces of Belmez

7. Taos Hum

Taos Hum

The Taos hum came to fame in the 1990’s a group of residents in the New Mexico town began to report a low-frequency hum. While the hum was named after the town of Taos, other places around the world have reported hearing similar noises in the past. As early as the 1950’s there were reports of a humming or buzzing sound in several small towns in England. Results of tests have been inconclusive as to the source of the sound.

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  • My guess for the first story is a that the person living in the house before was collecting blood of different people who were o type. And when the man dies the house is cursed and blood flows from every where….this was just a guess I don’t think this is the answer.

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