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Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf is a true ghost story about a young woman who encounters a strange and chilling apparition on a lonely path. Versions of this tale appeared in books as “Horror at Dusk” and “The Ghost of the Werewolf”.

Grey Wolf

It’s bad enough when a person encounters a malignant ghost, but it’s even more unsettling when the ghost turns out to be the spirit of something far worse…

A number of years ago, a young woman named Miss St. Denis was visiting a country farm in a remote part of England. She was a painter and was planning to do some work in the vicinity, sketching landscapes and rural scenes.

Her favorite place to work was the village train station. It was not too far from the farm where she was staying and, from the railway platform, she had a good view of the entire area.

One afternoon, she became so absorbed in her work that she didn’t realize how late it was getting. Suddenly, she became aware that it was almost dark, so she folded up her canvas, packed up her painting supplies and got ready to leave.

Just then, she noticed a strange figure lurking in the shadows at the other end of the platform. She couldn’t see it clearly in the dim light, but it appeared to be a man and the thing that disturbed her the most was that he seemed to be staring intently at her. His very presence was unsettling.

The path that led back to the farm was a bleak and lonely little dirt road. On one side of the path, there was a grey and gloomy abandoned quarry that was half-filled with dirty, stagnant water. The other side was lined with gnarled, dead trees with crooked branches that hung overhead.

As she walked, Miss St Denis glanced over her shoulder and noticed that the stranger seemed to be following her. She was a little creeped out, but she tried to calm herself by turning around and calling out to him, asking him what time it was.

He didn’t answer. He just stood there, staring at her malevolently.

This made her even more nervous.

She walked as fast as she could, trying not to let her fear show. As she approached the most remote and secluded part of the path, she became very frightened. If anyone was to attack her on this lonely stretch, she could scream herself hoarse and no one would ever hear her cries.

The young woman quickened her pace, but when she glanced back again, she saw that the stranger was still following her. Whirling around, she shouted, “Who are you? What do you want?”

Just then, the moon came out from behind a cloud and she managed to catch a glimpse of the mysterious stranger. She gasped.

It wasn’t human.

Although it walked on two feet like a man, it was much taller and covered from head to foot in shaggy grey fur. Its eyes glowed red and its mouth was open. The long tongue lolled to one side, revealing two rows of sharp, gleaming fangs.

Horrified, she pulled out the only weapon she had – her flashlight. She switched it on and shone the beam in the creature’s face.

It halted in its tracks and cringed, covering its eyes with a shaggy paw. Then, it simply vanished into thin air.

Miss St. Denis ran all the way back to the farm and when she burst through the door, bedraggled and breathless, she told theowners what she had seen.

They listened to her story and assured her that they believed every word. Not long before, they told her, a strange skeleton had been found submerged in the murky waters of the nearby quarry. It had appeared to be the body of a man, but the head was that of some kind of animal. The people believed that what Miss St. Denis had seen was the ghost of a werewolf.

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