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Mr Suzuki

Mr Suzuki

Mr. Suzuki is a short, creepy story about a man who gets strange phonecalls from an old woman in the middle of the night.

One night, I received a phone call from an unknown number. When I answered the phone, I heard the voice of a frail old woman on the other end of the line.

“Mr. Suzuki?” she asked.

But my name is Tanaka.

I told her that she must have dialed the wrong number.

“Then who are you?” she demanded angrily.

I didn’t want to tell her my name and her tone was very rude, so I just hung up the phone.
A few days later, I got another phone call. I don’t remember the number, but it must have been the same one as before, because when I answered it, I heard the old woman’s quavering voice again.

“Mr. Suzuki?” she asked.

“That’s not me,” I said firmly and I hung up the phone.

It struck me as strange, but I put it out of my mind.
About a week later, I got a phone call from another unknown number. When I answered it, I realized it was the same old woman.

“Mr. Suzuki?” she asked hesitantly. “Mr. Suzuki, right?”

I was irritated and hung up without saying anything.

The phone immediately started ringing again. I was beginning to lose my temper.

It was the old woman again.

“Ah, Mr. Suzuki? Mr. Suzuki, isn’t it?” she asked in a puzzled voice.

“You’re calling the wrong number!” I said angrily. “Ypu keep on calling me and it’s really annoying! I’m not Mr. Suzuki!”

All of a sudden, I heard a deep, manly voice on the other end of the line say, “Yeah, because you’re Mr. Tanaka!”

It terrified me.

Since then, every time the phone rings, I dread that it will be that old woman again.

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