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Curse of the Cat

Curse of the Cat

The Curse of the Cat is a spooky story about a man who kills a cat and cooks it to feed his starving family. It is based on a supposedly true story that happened in Japan.

I was 8 years old when my grandfather passed away. When he died, all of my family and relatives were crying. However, I could not cry.

The day before he died, my grandfather told me a strange story. When he shared the story with me, he spoke in a very serious tone and it left a lasting impression on me. The next day, I was convinced that the story was true.

The story my grandfather told me happened when he was still young, during the war. His parents were killed in a bombing raid and my grandfather and his siblings were evacuated to the countryside.

When they got to their destination, there was very little food and the children were hungry all the time. One day, the youngest child – my grandfather’s 6-year old sister – started crying. “I’m starving to death,” she said. “I need to eat.”

The next day, my grandfather found a stray cat in the neighborhood. He chased after the cat and caught it. He took the cat home, strangled it to death with a piece of rope and then cooked it.

At that time, meat was very hard to come by. My grandfather made dinner for his younger brothers and sisters. He didn’t tell them what they were eating and they didn’t ask. The children were just happy to have some food in their bellies.

That night, when my grandfather was asleep, he had a strange dream. He said that the cat appeared in his dream and it spoke to him.

The cat said, “Because you have eaten me, you and your family will be cursed.”

My grandfather knew it was a dream, but he was afraid. He wanted to protect his younger brothers and sisters.

“Do what you like to me,” he said, “but please spare the younger children.”

“The next time you meet me, I will kill you,” the cat replied.

Then, it simply disappeared.

Soon afterwards, the war ended. The years passed by and my grandfather said he had almost forgotten about the curse of the cat.

“But last night, the cat came to me in a dream,” he said. “It told me that my time has finally come.”

That night, my grandfather died peacefully in his sleep.

The doctors said it was a heart attack, but I know what really killed him.

It was the curse of the cat.

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  • What type of curse was that lol he died peacefully and after years of dreaming about the cat. He was lucky thou and the story wasn’t scary at all sorry !!

  • Eh at least it let him die at an old age…and seemingly peacefully. Kinda doesn’t sound like much of a curse honestly…not really scary either.

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