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Mind Teasers

Mind Teasers

Mind teasers and scary riddles to puzzle your brain. See if you can understand the creepy hidden meaning in each of these stories.

Mind Teasers

1. Drawing of a House

It happened this morning and I can’t stop shaking. I
was at the mall and I had just finished shopping when
a strange man tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a
picture. It was a very detailed and realistic drawing
of a house. I didn’t know what he wanted. All I knew was
the man gave me the creeps. He was standing right in
front of me. I wanted to leave but he was blocking the
door. He grinned and said, “Tonight I will kill all
of the people in that house.” Horrified, I pushed past
the man and ran to my car, with the drawing of the
house still clutched in my hand. I don’t know who he was or
where he came from or if he was even serious, but
you can never be too careful about these things. Luckily, I
live in an apartment building.

2. Daddy’s in the Car

Mommy goes out on Saturday nights and leaves me and daddy home alone. After dinner, daddy tells me to get into the car. Then we go and get ice cream at the mall. I have to sit in the back seat. Daddy says I can’t sit in the front until I’m older. Today, I went into the kitchen to see what daddy was cooking for dinner. He wasn’t there. I saw a note on the fridge that said mommy was going somewhere. I went to find daddy. I found him in the garage. Daddy was sitting in the car and the engine was turned on. We must be going for ice cream. I got into the backseat. “Are we going for ice cream?” I asked. Daddy didn’t say anything. I feel sleepy. I think I’ll take a nap.

3. Housewives

A while ago, I was riding my bike around town and I stopped outside a shopping center. There were two housewives standing outside talking and I overheard their conversation.

Housewife A: Did you hear about the house that burned down last night?
Housewife B: Yes. A woman died in the fire. I wonder how it started.
Housewife A: It was arson.
Housewife B: Wow. That’s scary. I’m worried. Aren’t you?
Housewife A: Do the police know who did it?
Housewife B: I don’t think so.

That’s all I heard before I got the creeps and cycled away.

4. Birthday

A little girl was invited to her friend’s birthday party. After blowing out the candles and eating the cake, the children went out to play in the garden. The little girl’s mother stayed in the kitchen talking to the other adults. They could hear the kids screaming and shouting as they played outside. The little girl came running into the house. “There she is now,” said her mother. “It’s her birthday next month. Tell everyone how old you’re going to be.” The little girl smiled and held up four fingers. All of the adults stared in horror.

5. Blind Girl Curse

This happened when I was in Elemetary school. I
was on my way home from school when I was stopped by
a girl with long dark hair that stretched to her waist. I
cursed under my breath when I saw her eyes. This is a true
story. Her eyes were milky white. She was blind. “I wonder
if you can help me,” she said. “I need to make a call. Can
you dial the number for me? You see, I’m blind and I can’t
read the numbers.” She made me nervous. Something about
this girl just didn’t feel right. I remembered an old ghost
story my mother told me when I was just a child. It had
to do with the ghost of a blind girl who kept asking
the people who passed by to do things for her. In the
end, if you helped her, she would put a curse on you and make
you go blind. The girl grabbed me by the arm and hissed, “You
will help me!” I was very frightened and she wouldn’t let me
go, so I pushed her away. As I ran off, I could hear the
blind girl behind me, laughing hysterically.

6. Daddy, It Hurts

“Daddy, it hurts,” the little boys said. His father examined the wound on his arm. It was very deep. “Don’t worry, it’s just a scratch,” the father said. He picked up his gun and loaded it with bullets. As the moaning sound grew louder, the father said, “I love you”. Then he put his gun to the boy’s head and pulled the trigger.

7. Hide and Seek

Mommy told me we were going to play a game. It’s a game called hide and seek. She said we would have to hide and Daddy would try to find us. She told me to find a really, really good hiding place. She told me I had to stay quiet and not make a sound. She said that if Daddy finds me, I have to run away as fast as I can. Then, we went to hide. I’m really good at hide and seek. I don’t think Daddy will find me. I heard him calling Mommy’s name. I heard Mommy let out a yelp. Daddy must have found her. Everything’s quiet now. I hear a creaking sound. The bedroom door slowly opens. I see a shadow standing in the doorway. It must be Daddy. He’s really good at this game.

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  • Arson – the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property.
    It is not “Our son”.

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