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Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

The Black Lagoon is a scary riddle about a group of friends who go camping in the wilderness together. See if you can figure out the creepy hidden meaning behind this scary story.

Black Lagoon

There were six friends who went to university together. After their final exams, they decided to go on a camping trip in the wilderness. After driving for several hours, they finally reached the black lagoon. It was beside a tall cliff that was ideal for diving. They pitched their tents in a clearing in the woods and spent the evening swimming in the warm, clear water.

As the sun was beginning to set, one of the friends went up to the highest point on the cliff and jumped off, while the other five watched. Their laughter slowly subsided as they waited for him to surface. It only took half a minute for them to dive in after their friend. Struggling and sputtering among the reeds in the black lagoon, they searched hopelessly for him. Finally they disentangled themselves and came up, but they never saw their friend again.

Heartbroken they returned to the city and passed a strange and lonely year in which their only solace was the knowledge that they would return to the lagoon to honor the anniversary of their friend’s death.

A year passed and they returned to the lagoon as a memorial, but as they approached they saw a figure at the edge of the water. It was their friend. He was just standing there with his back to them, his head bowed. Excitedly they called out to him and began running towards him, but he didn’t turn around. As they got closer they they shouted louder and louder, but he still didn’t react. They were running towards him, but suddenly, they stopped dead in their tracks.

At the edge of the water, they saw five crosses.

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