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Little Angels

Little Angels

Little Angels is a scary tale about a day care center staffed by a insane woman who poisons the children in her charge. This tale was written by kinghere1.

The Little Angels Day Care Center in New Jersey was once the scene of a horrible mass murder. On the afternoon of october 7th 1988, two adults and eleven children were found dead. The bodies of the children were found lying on the floor where they had settled down for their midday nap. The cause of death was poisoning.

The police investigation and the testimony from the only survivor of the massacre painted a macabre picture and shed light on the daycare’s director, known only as Mother Annie.

They said that years ago, Mother Annie was driven mad by the death of her only child. To recover from her loss, she took work as a nanny for a wealthy family. But the love of the children in her charge was not enough to overcome her morbid nature. Before long, she fell into a pit of depression and despair.

When the children she was supposed to be taking care of disappeared, the police brought her in for questioning. She hired a lawyer and refused to provide them with any answers. With no evidence against her the police were forced to set her free. She immediately fled the state and the authorities lost track of her.

It wasn’t long before she surfaced in New Jersey, living under an assumed name. She opened the Little Angels Day Care Center and nobody had any inkling of the tragedy that was to come. On the surface, she seemed to be doing well, but soon the feelings of lonliness and rage would consume Mother Annie again, causing her to turn from loving protector to vicious killer.

The afternoon of the murders was just like any other. Mother Annie was at work in the kitchen as usual, preparing snacks for the children. However, in each glass of milk, she also mixed several drops of rat poison.

She carried the trays across the playground to the tiny classroom. The children folded their jackets neatly and lay down on their mats. They ate their cookies, then drank the milk Mother Annie had placed before them. Within minutes, the poison coursed through their bodies and they were writhing in agony on the ground.

As the children cried out in pain, Mother Annie locked them in the classroom and started back for the main building to deal with the little babies. It is said that she held them in her arms, rocking back and forth in her chair, feeding each one from a poisoned bottle and humming until their cries grew silent.

Only a note was left explaining to the world why

It simply read: “All the little angels have gone to heaven”.

To this day, Mother Annie is still at large. Though the day care center has been closed for many years, people who live in the area claim to hear the ghostly sounds of children playing and singing.

Have their souls really left this earth or are they forever bound to it by their horrible deaths and the fact that Mother Annie is still out there?

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  • Flamefletcher is nearly as gd as writing stories as SFK so all those haters take that!!

  • Flamefletcher!!!! You came back! We were just having a discussion about you a couple stories back. Speaking of stories, this is so sad! How could she do that!

  • Baby Mario and and baby Luigi
    ( to see how they look just google them)

    Baby Mario and baby Luigi were in the day care center at mother Annie.
    Both of them see Annie mixing poison in their bottles.
    Mario: Luigi oye! What shall we do! What shall we do!
    Luigi: I don’t want to stay here
    Mario: I got an Idea we shall kill her before she kills us
    Luigi: how?
    Mario: watch and learn brother
    Anime brings milk bottles to the babies in the class room.
    Mario and Luigi don’t drink the milk while all the other babies drink
    Annie: there now be a good girl errr….. I mean be a good boy and drink the milk!
    Luigi: we are not drinking the milk!
    Mario: yeah you are not killing us!
    Luigi: we will soon grow up and take revenge on you for killing these innocent babies
    Mario: you shall suffer. God will punish you!
    Luigi: we are going to run away and we will come back when we are adults!
    Annie: you babies can talk?………..
    Mario: -_-’
    Luigi : -_-
    Annie: oh and you can run away? Let’s see how you do that.
    Mario and Luigi start crawling out of the classroom
    Annie: ohhh soo cute !
    Mario: (whisper) see she believes us!
    Mario and Luigi enter the hall when they are stopped by Annie.
    Annie: nice show. I think we have keep moving . And I have to kill you!
    Mario: Luigi we have no choice but to kill her!
    Luigi: how?
    Annie: yeah how.?
    Mario: Luigi! Do it! Our special COMBO!
    Luigi: no you don’t mean THAT!
    Annie: what is THAT?
    Mario: do it!
    Luigi: ok!
    Annie : what are you trying to do?
    Mario and Luigi turn their backs towards Annie.
    Mario: GO
    Mario and Luigi fart at the same time on Annie’s face. Annie falls back unconscious.
    Mario goes near Annie.
    Mario: I think she is dead.
    Luigi: alright let’s get out of here.
    And so Mario and Luigi escape and grow up.
    But all the kids and Annie died in the daycare center.
    Nobody knows where Mario and Luigi grew up.
    Now you know…..

  • It doesn’t explain how the “two adults” we’re dead! But this was a very good story!

  • nice…
    I’m scared i’m sleeping and mother Annie gives me milk. Curse You Cows! jks

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