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Frosties Kid

Frosties Kid

The Frosties Kid is an urban myth about a boy who appeared in a commercial for a popular breakfast cereal.

Frosties Kid

In 2006, an ad was broadcast on TV for the breakfast cereal Frosties, which is made by Kellogs. In the United States, it is known as Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. The commercial featured a young boy who leads a troop of kids down the street, while singing an irritating song and performing a strange dance.

Instead of encouraging more kids to eat Frosties, the annoying jingle with the repeated lyrics, “They’re gonna taste great!”, proved to be extremely unpopular with kids and teenagers.

Many people were so angered that they left hate-filled messages on the internet, saying things like “He’Â’s a revolting, despicable child and he deserves to die!”, “The Frosties kid deserves the death penalty” and “Death to the Frosties child!”

When the Frosties Kid was interviewed about all the controversy, he said, “I looked on the internet and I was so surprised. IÂ’’m not going to go out and stab myself or commit suicide because of things people are saying.””

The boy and his song were so annoying that rumors began to spread among schoolchildren all over the world claiming that he had indeed killed himself.

According to the stories, the boy had been suffering verbal and physical abuse from the other kids in his school because of the ad. Everyone he knew was making fun of him and calling him vile names. He was bullied so much that he couldn’t bear it any longer and took his own life. They said he committed suicide by sticking two pencils up his nose and slamming his head down on his desk.

In other versions of the tale, the bullies actually murdered the Frosties Kid themselves. Apparently, they were so angered by the song that they decided to take matters into their own hands.

It’s a great story, but it’s not true. The Frosties Kid is not dead. His name is Sven and he is alive and well and living in South Africa where he trains as a gymnast.

Despite all this, Kelloggs continued to defend the ad, saying, “We maintain that the vast majority of consumers like the ad. ItÂ’s been a great success from our point of view.””

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  • I meant what a horrible way to kill yourself with pencils like that ? Who came up with the idea anyway that he killed himself like that ?

  • First of all WHY is this on the scary for kids website? It is not scary. it is irritating and boring really gave me a headache. Second of all, Who Cares???

    I’m not being mean. It is just that, Why? Why waste time on something this Stupid,

    No Offence Sven It is True…

    When I saw this I thought GHOSTS… Wrong it is the Frosties Kid…

    How Agrees. Not Being Mean, Or telling anyone to commit suicide…. :D

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