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Last Train

Last Train

The Last Train Home is a creepy story about a young woman who is traveling home alone late at night after a party.

Last Train

Last year, my company held a New Year’s Eve party in the city. When the party was over, I left to catch the last train home that night. I sat down in my seat and gazed out the window at the city lights flashing by.

After a while, I saw that the only other person in the carriage with was a man in a black trenchcoat. He was sitting a few rows in front of me and his head was hanging down. He appeared to be dozing off. I was quite sleepy too and my eyelids started to feel very heavy. It wasn’t long until I began to doze off too.

A few minutes later, I was jolted awake by the rattling of the train. When I opened my eyes, something seemed different. I wasn’t sure, but it seemed as if the man in the black trenchcoat was one seat closer to me. I thought I was just imagining things and told myself not to be so paranoid. Not long afterwards, I began to doze off again.

After a few seconds, I got a strange and unpleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach. I opened my eyes and, this time, the man seemed to have moved even closer to me. Still, I couldn’t be sure. It was extremely unsettling.

I decided to try and see if my suspcins were correct. My plan was to pretend to fall asleep again, but keep one eye half-open, just to see what the man would do.

He just sat there, not moving a muscle. I could feel his eyes staring at me, but he didn’t budge an inch. Just as I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, I heard him muttering something under his breath. Listening closely, I could make out what he was saying over and over:

“Don’t be fooled. She’s just pretending… Don’t be fooled. She’s just pretending…”

It made my blood run cold. My heart started pounding in my chest. Despite being scared out of my wits, I kept my head down, pretending to doze off and desperately hoping that the train would reach the next station soon.

When it finally stopped and the doors opened, I bided my time and waited for the right moment. Just as the doors were about to close, I scrambled out of my seat and jumped out onto the platform.

I heard the doors shut behind me and turned around. As the train pulled out of the station, I saw the man in the black trenchcoat standing up, his face pressed against the window. There was a look of fury on his face and, in his hand, a glistening knife.

Ever since then, I never take the last train home alone.

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  • That’s absolutely creepy…I would probably be having a mental break down by the time the ride was over…well at least I never have to go by train…

  • It had creepy potential, till we learned he was just a plain old-fashioned murderer. And one from the Matrix, at that!

  • my brother just found a really cute pic f my sis he went “aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!” then he stopped i hearecd another comepletly different voice go aaaaahhhh too wth? (that means what the hell)(or heck)


  • He only moved when she closed her eyes?

  • I so wanna go to Japan! Actually, I like a good scare. I cant go on with my day without making my heart race once or twice. I so love adrenaline!

  • That reminds me of a legend I heard once. The girl was on the train home and there were 3 guys across from her and the one in the middle was asleep and they seemed harmless but there was another guy a few seats down that was kinda creepy and kept inching towards her until he was right beside her but then he asks her if she has seen the news for the day and held up his newspaper and he had written really big on it “Get off at the next stop! The man in the middle is dead!”
    Does anyone know what legend I’m talking about? It was really big for a while. Idk if it is on SFK or not…hmmm…

  • @Dont take me seriously
    Well your name clarifies that you aren’t serious so absolutely not! ;)

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