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Killer Cat

Killer Cat

The Killer Cat is a spooky story about a cursed village and a cat that kills humans.

When I was young, my father took me camping in the mountains. The camp site was located at the foot of a mountain that was popular with mountain climbers. That evening, there were three other climbers in the camp site. Two of them were dressed in mountaineering gear, but one was dressed very differently.

He had a black leather coat, black leather pants, black leather boots and black leather gloves. He was also wearing black sunglasses and had his hat pulled down low on his head as if he was hiding his face. He looked decidedly out of place, sticking out as he did, like a sore thumb.

As night fell, we all gathered around the camp fire. The adults were drinking alcohol, eating from tin cans and making small-talk with each other. I was busy roasting some marshmallows on a stick.

At one point, the man in the black leather leaned over to me and asked a very strange question.

“By the way, what do you think of that creature they call a cat?”

Even though I thought it was an odd way to phrase it, I answered, “cats are cute”.

The man in black seemed to be angered by this reply. “You don’t understand,” he said. “There is no living thing closer to the devil than that wretched animal they call a cat. They may have a cute appearance, but they are ferocious, vindictive demonic creatures. I could tell you stories that would make your blood run cold. If you’re in the mood to listen, I’ll tell you how I was forced to flee my village and how, ever since, I have lived in fear of cats…”

As my father and I listened intently, the man in black leather told us the story of his life. He said that the village where he had been born and raised was an a small, isolated village at the foot of the mountain. The people who lived in the village had almost no interaction with the outside world.

The villagers had a very strange custom. They believed that cats were monsters. The belief had persisted in the village for generations. They hunted cats and when they found them, they killed them and threw them into the fire. That was their tradition and because of this custom, there were no cats in the village.

One day, a stray cat with three kittens was spotted on the outskirts of the village. The cat seemed to be exhausted or ill, so much so that when humans approached, it did not attempt to escape. The villagers, in accordance with the customs of the village, captured the cat and the three little kittens, slit their throats and threw them into the fire.

Shortly after that incident, strange things began to happen in the village. One by one, the villagers started to go missing. When their bodies were eventually found, they were in an awful state. All of the corpses were horribly mutilated. Their eyes had been gouged out and they had claw marks criss-crossing their bodies, as if they had been attacked by a ferocious pack of wild beasts.

The people who lived in the village formed groups and armed themselves, taking turns to patrol the village and protect their loved ones. However, it did no good. They couldn’t find any trace of the wild beast and the number of victims only increased.

“All of them were murdered by a cat,” the man in black growled. “A killer cat. That’s what it was! A vicious killer. An intelligent murderer. A seasoned hunter. It was able to stalk its victims… following them… lying in wait… waiting, waiting, until the time was right… and then it would come in for the kill and slip away undetected.”

The man in black grabbed me by the arm and pushed his face up close to mine.

“Do you know how a cat kills?” he demanded.

“N-n-no,” I gasped.

“It crushes your eyes first!” he said. “Because cats are smart. They blind you first, gouging out your eyes and leaving you helpless. Then, when you’re on your knees, flailing around, desperately begging for your life, they come in for the kill… and rip out your throat.”

“Eventually, the last adult in the village was found murdered. There were only eight children left and they decided to flee the village. I was one of those children. I fled the village with my good friends. We thought we were free, but the cat followed us. It wanted revenge. It meant to hunt us down. It wouldn’t leave us alone until it had killed everyone in the village.”

“We tried to put as much distance between ourselves and that cursed village as possible. We took turns sleeping and keeping watch over each other. None of it did any good. The cat hunted us down one by one. One by one, I found my friends murdered, lying in a pool of blood with their eyes gouged out and their throats ripped open.”

“After that, I was forced to go on alone. I traveled by night and slept by day. For years and years I managed to outwit the cat. That’s how I stayed alive. I took refuge up here in the mountains are that’s where I am today because the cat is still after me. I’m here to tell you that the cat is a monster. It never caught up with me, but it came mighty close…”

With that, the man in black took off his sunglasses and I let out a terrified scream.

He didn’t have any eyes.

Where his eyes should have been, there were just hollow, empty sockets.

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  • Me Angwy Now. Me want revenge. Me kiwll That “Beeep, Beep,Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep” Dewd. He Will go to sweep tonight and never ever wake up. Mwahahahahahahah!

    And Beaver Cupcakes, your comment is so funny!

  • Wtf why do you guys say the people got what they deserve??? A demon cat killed them, a life of a human is much more valued than that of a cat, especially if it was in their beliefs!

  • As far as I’m concerned those people got what they deserved. I hate hearing stories about people killing cats…or any animals for that matter. Ah man you can only hope those people get what they deserve and these ones did.

  • They deserved it for killing cute kittens !! And I would have crushed the man’s face If I was that little kid whom he was telling this story . And this should be a sad story not scary :(

  • OMG, I love cats!!!!! Wait, ik there is a kids book called ‘killer cat’ lol Also, I read warrior cats soo I was mad when they killed the cat and kittens. .😭

  • Well, if you go and kill a defenseless cat and her kittens, you’re kind of asking to get butchered one by one. Good story.

  • That’s what they get for killing the kitties! Bad people…
    10/10 kitties
    My favorite part of the story was when every single person in the village died >:3

  • Well that’s what you get for killing a cat and three kittens.😭 Anyways its nice to see being updated after such a long time. Hope is everything is ok.

  • If he didn’t have eyes, how did he climb the mountain? Overall, a pretty good story, even though I love cats.

  • Woah! So the man escaped from the cat….. but lost his eyes..I never used to like cats….Anyways.

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