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Girls Bathroom

Girls Bathroom

The Girls’ Bathroom is a creepy story about a junior high school in Japan where some mysterious events took place.

There was a certain junior high school in Japan where a teacher disappeared under mysterious circumstances. He was in the middle of teaching a class when he suddenly announced that he had to do something. He assured the students that he would be back in a few minutes and left. The students waited and waited, but the teacher never returned. Eventually, the headmaster was informed and a search of the school was organized, but no trace of the teacher could be found.

In the school, the girls’ bathroom and the boys’ bathroom were side by side, separated only by a narrow partition. The wall was so thin that the sound carried easily through it. Everybody in one toilet could hear what was going on in the other toilet. None of the girls wanted to use the toilets and, after many complaints, the headmaster decided that something had to be done about it.

The door to the boys’ bathroom was blocked off, the partition was demolished and the girls’ bathroom was extended. A new boys’ bathroom was constructed outside the school. This proved to be very inconvenient for the boys, since they had to go outside if they wanted to use the toilet, but the girls were very happy with their new, refurbished bathroom.

However, after a while, weird rumors began to circulate among the students. It was said that many of the girls who used the new renovated bathroom experienced a creepy feeling. Some of them claimed they had the strangest feeling that were being watched as they sat on the toilet. A few claimed they saw something moving in the darkness when they peered into one of the toilet bowls.

The rumors spread like wildfire and the girls started complaining to the teachers. The headmaster went to check out the girls’ bathroom again and again, but each time, he couldn’t find anything strange about it. The girls were told to stop spreading silly rumors.

After a while, the girls began to notice a strange odor coming from the bathroom. As time went on, the stench grew worse and worse. The teachers also noticed the smell and brought it to the attention of the headmaster. He called the construction workers who had renovated the bathroom and had them come in to examine it.

After ripping up the floors, the construction workers discovered a bloated, rotting corpse, curled up in a recess beneath one of the toilets. A DNA test confirmed that it was the corpse of the missing teacher, but no one could explain how he had come to be trapped there.

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  • Y is it always the girls bathroom? Haha good story…it just makes me wonder what happened…and I wanna know.

  • When a story mentions girls bathrooms in Japanese schools, you know it’s gonna be good XD

  • Theory: The teacher was a pervert who snuck into the girls’ bathroom to spy on them. He somehow hid under a toilet and got stuck there and got trapped under there when they renovated the bathroom, causing him to be stuck there until he died.

    That’s karma for ya!

  • Wth why are the Japanese so obsessed with girls bathrooms…. There’s aka manto, hanako San, and now this…..

  • Why are these Japanese ghosts so obsessed with bathrooms?and why girls bathrooms? They seem to be so intrested in watching people pee and poop lol then they’re really creepy.

  • Maybe the teacher wanted to sleep. So, he somehow got under the toilet so no one can see him. Then, he hit his head while he was getting out, causing him to bleed to death! So, they extended the bathroom when he was down there. Idk… xD
    10/10 girl bathrooms! :3

  • Maybe it is possible that the teacher went the boy’s restroom and was some how locked…..he perhaps died there by hitting somewhere and the new restroom constructed above his body.

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