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If You Fall You Die

If You Fall You Die is a creepy Japanese Urban Legend about a peculiar dream people have in Japan. They say that if you fall in the dream, you will die in real life. It is also known as “Fall-and-Die Village”.

If You Fall You Die

Have you ever dreamed about “the village where if you fall you die”?

Normally, people have different dreams, but this is said to be a common dream. Many people are said to have this dream at some point in their lifetime.

People forget most of the dreams they have, so there are few cases of people who remember this dream. However, there are many people all over Japan who claim to have experienced this dream.

When the dream begins, you find yourself in a rural village. The sun is setting, the sky is painted with dusky colors and there are bluish-purple dead bodies lying everywhere on the ground.

After a while, a few girls dressed in kimonos come close to you and explain that you are in “the village where if you fall you die”.

After this explanation, one of the girls stumbles over a corpse and falls.

“Gya!” the girl screams as her body turns bluish-purple and she dies.

The start of the dream always seems to be the same for everyone, but people have reported various endings.

Some people say, “I ran away and the girls chased me”. Others say, “The girls gave me stilts to stand on,” and still more say, “I woke up without anything happening”.

But strangely, there are no reports from anyone who has fallen in the dream…

It is believed that people who die in their sleep are people who have fallen in this dream.


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