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Big Head O

Big Head O

Big Head O is a scary Japanese urban legend about a man who comes across a strange village that is inhabited by people with big heads. Even in Japan, nobody knows what this story is supposed to mean and no one has been able to track down the location of the village.

Big Head O

A few years ago, I suddenly remembered a village I had visited before. I came across it when I was travelling here and there on my own. It was a small village with a cosy little inn. When I stayed there before, the hospitality I received was impressive and, for some reason, I wanted to go there again.

I set out alone in my car during the holidays. I have good memory, so I was confident that I could remember he route I took to get there. When I was approaching the village, there was supposed to be a signpost indicating where it was. However, when I spotted the sign, I was surprised.

The sign should have read “(Village name) XX km”, but instead, it just said: “Big Head O”. When I saw that, I had a bad feeling about it, but I decided to drive on anyway.

When I came to the village, I found it deserted. It was like a ghost town and all the houses were covered in weeds. I was puzzled and just as I was about to get out of the car, I saw a figure emerge from the bushes about 20 meters ahead. It looked human, but it had a really big head.

Huh? I thought. What is that?

While I was trying to figure out what was going on, I saw other similar creatures coming out of the bushes all around me. Moreover, they started coming towards me and they were moving in a bizarre and grotesque manner, with their hands on their feet and their big heads swaying from side to side…

I was glad I didn’t get out of the car. I put the car in reverse and stepped on the accelerator, backing up at a terrifying speed, until I was back on the main road.

Afterwards, when I returned home, I looked at the map and saw the location of the village. To my surprise, I discovered that I hadn’t been to the wrong place. That village was definitely the exact same village I had visited a few years ago. However I don’t think I will be going there ever again.

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