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Headless Lady

Headless Lady

The Headless Lady illusion was a popular magic trick performed at sideshows in the 1950s. As the story goes, the poor woman lost her head in a horrible accident in Switzerland, but doctors were able to keep her alive through the miracle of new scientific technology.

Headless Lady

Is it real or is it a trick? If it is a trick, then how is it done?

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  • Funny,coz in the pic she’s holding a cigarette even though she dosent have a mouth.It can’t be real,how can she hear the instructions and it’s virtually impossible to live without a head because your head is connected to all of you’re nerves so you can move them,it’s also impossible to have an artificial brain because you can’t reattach something to your brain stem.

  • It’s a fake. I think, since her top and hte background are both white. It’s a dummy, but the arms and hands are of a real women who is hiding behind the background. She reads the taps the guy does on her finger or hears the announcer tell the audience about removing her glove, so that’s how she knew what to do. OTherwise I don’t know what it is. Maybe a really advanced robot

  • @shadowclawskitty I wanna read tooooo!!! D: It’s fake though, but they can somehow do some sort of brain transplant if it wasn’t too late… O_o IDK

  • it looks real ……. and fake at the same time ………it will be a mystery

  • It is pretty creepy.. but it has to be fake! Even if the robot or whatever it is has pretty smooth movement S:

  • This I pant that scary… Just slightly weird and there are ways to make a robot take off a glove…

  • Damn 101st. :'( REAAAALLL!!! :)) I want to believe it’s real! Science is amaZAYN (ain’t a directioner. It just sounds nice).

  • Anyone heard of Edward Mordake? Supposedly, in the 19th century, he was heir to the england throne. But he had an extra face on the back of his head, which could neither speak nor eat, although it could laugh and cry. Edward had begged doctors to remove his ”evil twin head” because, apparantly, the extra head whispered horrible things to him at night. But, the doctors refused as they were scared to attempt the surgery. At last, Edward committed suicide(not really sure how). His suicide note tells his family to remove his head before he was buried because he did not want his ”demon head” whispering to him in the grave, too.
    Well, i thought that this story is pretty cool. xD

  • @nightmare_night I have a story hope you guys like it
    Jamie was having a huge sleepover with every girl in her class. Before her parents left they told her not to open the door to anyone. So as the party was going on there was a news bulletin of an escaped phsyco killer,so they closed all of the doors and all of the windows. Meanwhile one of the girls had to go to the bathroom and didn’t come back. They were to scared to go check when all of a sudden there was banging on the door remembering what her parents had told her so she didn’t open it. -she should of have then she would of known it was her parents trying to warn her-. Anyway back to the story they heard evil laughing and on top of the stairs there was a crazed looking man with bloodshot eyes and a horribly disfigured face he was laughing and holding a big knife. All if the girls screamed and ran Jamie hid under the couch from under she could see all of her classmates getting killed, some got skinned, others had their throat slit and their stomach cut open. Then the couch flew of and there he was looking at her and swong the knife that cut off her head. The killer heard the police and left just as he did,the door got knocked down and in came Jamie’s parents screaming at what they saw, the killer was never found.
    Hope you guys like it sorry if it’s long or boring, please tell me ways that I can fix it or make it better. Thanks for your time reading.

  • i want to write a story for the first time. Sorry if its dumb.
    Their were once two kids that only stayed inside everyday. Their mum would always try to get them outside but nothing worked. One day they were watching a show called chowder when a news bulliten came up on T.V. It said that a serial killer escaped from a mental aysilem. Their mum was at work so she couldnt get them out of the house. The boys thought that this was fake so they went on their PS3. A few hours later they herd the front door open but they ignored it because they thought it was their mum. A few hours later they herd a noise so they went downstairs. They both screamed in horror as they saw their mums server head in the microwave with a note. They screamed and ran outside but the killer chased after him and said “Daddys home kiddies!” They were both killed by a single knife. They should of read the note because it said their dad was locked away in a mental ausylem years ago because he was ubsesed with being outside. The police never found the killer.
    (hoped you licked it please tell me how i could improve it,also it is called DADDIES HOME!)

  • Okay first of all, FAKE XD! Second of all, SFK you need to post more stories or like… IMMA DIE DX And you do not want a lawsuit against you! Hmmm, hmmm? XD

  • I’m pretty sure if scientists were to keep the woman alive, it would be the head that they keep alive, not the body, since the body takes orders from the brain, which is also the center of consciousness. So if the head dies, the woman dies.

  • ……okay! Well, I guess I will no longer waste my time. Thank you so much bloodyridinghood, you saved the day :)

  • My scariest moment…..
    I was in a tunnel/sewer with a flashlight and we were just coming here because someone dared us to go to the end and reach the mini waterfall.We thought it was a pretty fun dare until we smelt the sewage smell it was really putrid. There were rats everywhere and some even chewing on our shoes at this point we felt like running.About three quarters the way through my friend slipped and landed on the cold smelly mud he said “wanted to go back” and at that moment the flashlight went out. I began to think the worst thoughts anyone could ever have about us sleeping in the sewage or that carmen winstead story. It was right about then when we saw moonlight.The moonlight lit the mini waterfall which we were meant to find but the bad thing is we cant get back. We came up to the waterfall and faced a reflection the reflection showed atleast 70 spiders crawling on the sewage walls they were completely covered in webs.I looked around as the spiders got closer and closer after a few seconds I decided we and my friend could climb the waterfall so we scrambled up and at about halfway a seven spiders were crawling on our bodies we decided to dip into the water which shook them off. We were at the top of the waterfall just to find out that they were ready to spring at us we just got out of the disgusting sewer. It was about 4:00 in the morning and I was sweating of guilt and blood. “This is the worst night of my life” I said to my friend but no one replied I looked back but he wasn’t there.
    Hope you are reading this scary for kids cause I want you to post this.

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