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Hairy Hands of Dartmoor

Hairy Hands of Dartmoor

The Hairy Hands is a scary true ghost story about a stretch of road in Dartmoor, UK where motorists claim to have seen a pair of disembodied hands grabbing the steering wheel.

The Hairy Hands

On a stretch of road in Dartmoor, United Kingdom, there have been many sightings for almost a century of a pair of disembodied Hairy Hands that appear suddenly, grab at the steering wheel of a moving car and then force it off of the road.

Picture this: You’re driving along the narrow misty moonlit moors. It’s a dark, cold night. All of a sudden, the steering wheel or handlebars are grabbed by a gruesome pair of grotesque, hairy, calloused hands that are inhumanly strong and do their best to fight you for control of your car.

That’s a story that’s been repeated many times since the first incident in 1921 when a Dartmoor Prison guard was killed as his motorcycle went out of control and crashed. The tale was related by his children who were riding in the sidecar. All they heard was their father shouting at them to get off the bike and apparently wrestling with the steering. They jumped clear and survived. Their dad did not.

This happened again when another motorcyclist and passenger were driven off the road at the same spot. This time the passenger saw a large hairy hand grab the handlebars and forcibly crash the bike.

In 1924 a young couple were camping in a caravan in the area and the woman was awoken in the middle of the night by a a large disembodied hand, covered in hair, crawling up the outside of the caravan window. In her terror, the woman made the sign of the cross and the hand seemed to disappear.

The tale has been heard again and again and the area has become notorious for accidents, many of the survivors giving the story of feeling or seeing the large rough hands, covered in hair grabbing at them and trying to crash their vehicle. Rumors abound that the hands are the ghost of an old man who was hit by a car and killed on that road, the ghost of a deceased Dartmoor Prison inmate or some kind of evil spirit wandering the moors. Whatever they are, its certainly a good idea to take care if you find yourself driving around the lonely country roads of the UK.

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  • Ummm creepy never going there never never never never never never never. NEVER!!! It too scary. I do NOT feel like dieing in a car crash or anything like that. But who thinks I should do it?

  • I went to Dartmoor on a school trip a year or two ago. We walked the moors at roughly 10pm as a class with two guides. We’d had a campfire earlier to lift our spirits and then began our walk.

    We were told of this legend as we walked down the side of the road and we all felt like some sort of pressure was on us, kinda creepy really. But I assure you this is fake :P

    There are two other legends I remember about Dartmoor one: The Dartmoor Beast. Said to be a monster that roams Dartmoor and kills people who are out late walking alone. Many of us believe it’s actually a pet big cat – such as a panther that was let out into the wild since we used to keep them as pets a long time ago, and it was released when the owner couldn’t keep it any longer as it grew too large and bred with either another big cat that was released or something else to create the Dartmoor monster.

    The second is the ghost of the moors. I can’t remember it very clearly but I know they say if you listen carefully enough on the top of the tallest moor (and jeez it took us a while in the dark – not fun) you’ll here a ghost of a woman who died there whistling.I I can’t remember what happened exactly – suicide perhaps? Anyway, we didn’t hear anything that night but one of the other groups reported seeing something there. Another reported to have actually heard the whistling and bolted from there as fast as they could.


  • @Adyan I found them at Dartmoor hospital, wrapped around my hubby’s throat. expecting the money soon lolz


  • OMG my cousin and aunt live in Dartmoor! My cousing Ashley told me about it, but she said that she dosn’t belive its true.

  • if she made the cross sign to make the hand disappear, then the large hairy hand CERTAINLY belonged to some evil ape vampire. what i dont get is, if its a large hairy ape vampire, why does it crash the vehicle instead of sucking the passanger’s blood??

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