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Grey Lady

Grey Lady

The Grey Lady is a true ghost story about a haunted library in Indiana. The ghostly image of a lady in grey has even been captured on security cameras that were installed in Willard Library.

Grey Lady

The Grey Lady is a ghost that haunts Willard Library in Evansville Indiana. The first sighting of the Grey Lady ghost in Willard Library happened in 1937. At 3 AM, the night janitor at the children’s library entered the basement to check the furnace. He was so startled by what he saw that he dropped his flashlight. It was the ghostly figure of an old lady, clothed in a long grey dress, a grey shawl, grey shoes and a grey hat and veil. As he watched, the figure dissolved into the shadows. The night janitor was so freaked out that, soon afterwards, he quit his job.

The library hired another janitor to replace him. When the new janitor went into the basement at night, he too began catching glimpses of the ghost. It wasn’t long before he quit his job as well.

Ever since then, the ghost has been spotted a number of times. Many people who visit the library also report sudden cold spots, unexplained noises, faucets turning on and off on their own, doors opening and closing by themselves and the overpowering smell of perfume. Others have noticed books and furniture being moved around and have felt an invisible touch on their hair or earrings.

A 3 year old boy was wandering around the library. Suddenly, he came running back to his mother. He was very upset and his eyes were wide with fright. When she asked him what was wrong, he told her he had seen a scary lady dressed all in grey.

Several sightings were reported by employees who saw the Gray Lady lurking around the book shelves. One of the librarians was going by some book stacks, when she stopped suddenly. The Grey Lady was standing right in front of her. The librarian looked away for a second and when she looked back again, the ghost had vanished. Another librarian went home one night and was surprised to see the ghost standing in her living room, waiting for her.

Who is the grey lady and Why does she haunt the library? Some believe that it is the ghost of a woman named Sarah Carpenter. Her father, Willard Carpenter was the founder of the library and, when he died, he left all his money to the library. His daughter Sarah was left out of the will and never recieved any inheritance. They say that she held a grudge against the library all her life and when she died, her restless spirit returned to haunt it. Others claim that it is the ghost of a woman who drowned herself on the property before the library was built.

Willard Library

A ghostcam was installed at Willard Library in 1999 and viewers on the Internet can watch it in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Grey Lady ghost.

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  • Hey, usually ghosts cannot be captured in cameras they are only visible on the camera when clicked. So either it is a fake image or it is a grey alive women who was rushing which blurred her image. Anyways terrific story and there are many colored ladies these days coz i also read about green lady.

  • If another person says grey is spelled wrong I am going to give them my english teacher’s number. It can be spelled either way (gray or grey)

  • Haha..Blue Lady.

    I desperately want to become a ghost when I die, but things are bad though because ghosts are said to be people who died in a depression, were murdered, or committed suicide. None of which I want to be listed under. Oh well, better guess I should kill my best friend, kill myself at home, and become a ghost and haunt my house!

  • I love libraries so much. I’ll pretty much haunt my school library and be known as the blue lady. (No joke. They all call me the Blue Lady)

  • I wish all the ghosts wer elike the ones at Hogearts in Harry Potter!! I love the Grey Lady and Nearly Headless Nick! :D

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