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Ghost Car Video

Ghost Car Video

A scary ghost car is a haunted vehicle that appears and disappears at the spot where an accident occurred. There are said to be many ghost cars haunting the lonely and eerie stretches of highway in the USA.

Some cars are said to be haunted by the ghost of the former owner, who died mysteriously in a crash. Their ghostly spirit sometimes appears in the passenger seat and on occasion, can cause accidents.

Ghost Car Girl Causes an Accident

In Portugal, 3 teenagers picked up a spooky female hitchhiker in their car and were involved in an accident. Police reviewed the camcorder footage to find out what happened. And this is what they saw…

Ghost Car Police Chase Video

Another kind of ghost car suddenly appears out of nowhere at high speed and then disappears. This type is driverless or driven by a ghost. Witnesses often claim these vehicles disappear at spots where a normal vehicle would have crashed.

This scary video shows police chasing a ghost car. Right in the middle of the chase, the car disappears. you can see it happen. The local police were left baffled at the incident and the car was never found.

Christine the Haunted Car

In this video a haunted car chases someone down a street and when the street gets too narrow, the car improvises…

The Car The Movie

Watch out for the ghost car crashing through a woman’s window.

Simpsons Ghost Car

Homer Simpson and Chief Wiggum see a ghost car on the highway.

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  • The video about the police chasing a ghost car was actually a fake. It was proven on the tv Fact or Faked. Then apparently afterwards the person/people who made the video confessed it was a big joke.

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