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The Frighteners is a scary horror comedy starring Michael J Fox and directed by Peter Jackson who made the Lord of the Rings movies.


Michael J Fox plays a man who sees dead people, even though he doesn’t want to. Ever since he lost his wife in a tragic car accident, he has been able to see ghosts. Now he works as a psychic ghost buster, helped by 3 firendly ghosts who conveniently haunt houses so he come and get rid of them, for a price.

After a number of bizarre deaths in the town, Michael J Fox begins to notice glowing numbers appearing on people’s heads and sees a grim reaper type creature emerges from the bathroom mirror and murder people. Eventually, he realizes he is up against the spirit of serial killer named Johnny Bartlett has extended his murderous urges beyond the grave.

The Frighteners is an odd film and it is much more entertaining and fun than you would think. Peter Jackson is a superb filmmaker, and this film is filled with comedy, drama, horror and engagingly flawed characters. It’s one of Michael J. Fox’s best roles.

Like Tim Burton’s classic Beetlejuice, it’s a movie that seems like it should be terrible, but ends up being a really fun and memorable viewing experience. Again and again, you will be attracted to the undead antics of The Frighteners.

scary for kids

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