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Dream Come True

Dream Come True

Dream Come True is a creepy story about a girl who has a very disturbing nightmare where she is chased by a man wielding a chainsaw. It is based on a Japanese story that is “scary when you understand the meaning”.

One night, I had a very strange dream. In the dream, I was being chased by a man with a chainsaw. He was laughing like a maniac and revving his chainsaw. I was running and running, desperately trying to get away.

He chased me into an alley. It came to a dead end. There was a big metal fence. I tried to climb over it, but my hand got stuck. The man caught up with me and cut off my left arm with the chainsaw. I let out a blood-curdling scream and woke up.

I quickly checked my arm and breathed a sigh of relief. It was still there. I felt so glad when I realized it was just a dream. Because it was such a vivid dream. It seemed so real. For the rest of the day, I was in a melancholy mood because I didn’t want to have such terrible dreams.

But the next night, I had the very same dream. This time, te man with the chainsaw cut off my right arm. Blood was spurting out of the stump. It was horrible. I screamed over and over in my dream. Because it was a dream, I felt no pain, but it terrified me because it seemed so real.

In the dream, both my arms were gone, but there was no mystery and no sense of loss.

The next night, I had the dream again. This time, he cut off my left leg. The chainsaw ripped through my flesh and chopped off my leg at the hip. There was nothing I could do to stop him.

I really hoped that I wouldn’t have the dream again, but the next night, it continued. The man cornered me and I was powerless to resist. He sawed off my right leg and separated from my body without hesitation.

I was left with no arms or legs. I was just a limbless torso. But, even so, there was no feeling of loss.

At last, I awoke from the dream. It really was a strange dream. I also thought that it was a very long dream.

Because, from the time I was born, I didn’t have any arms or legs.

Since that day, I never experienced that dream again.

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  • I got it. She had dreamt that she had arms and legs… But in reality she wasn’t having them at all. Therefore it gives her no pain at all.

  • Let put it this way, so the kid head dreams of a maniac chopping the kids arms and legs with a chainsaw and the kid remember that he was handicap since he was born and since he remembered that, he never had the dream again?
    Sfk is that right?

  • I don’t get it 😕

    Scaryforkids says: This one is tricky. It’s one of the riddles where you have to figure out the meaning. For anyone who didn’t get it… At the start, the girl has all her arms and legs. By the end, the dream changes reality and all she remembers is that she has never had any arms or legs and thinks she has been that way since birth.

  • actually the narrator of that story is a unborn baby in the womb, inside the womb he say the dream , but when he was born he had no arms and legs
    that means someone had chopped down his arms and legs during his womb period
    after he was born he was used to it so he never ever say that dream
    …so this was the conclusion that i got after reading it

  • She said when she woke up she quickly checked her arms and they were still there but I’m the end of the story she said she had no arms or legs ever since she was born !! I really don’t get it 😕

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