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Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend is a spooky story about a young man who claims he receives phone calls from his dead girlfriend in the middle of the night.

When I was in university, I had a friend named Franklin. He was a bright and cheerful sort of guy. Franklin had a girlfriend named Jeannie. They had been dating ever since they met in Junior High School and they were deeply in love. They couldn’t bear to be apart from one another and wherever one went, the other was sure to follow.

One day, Franklin received the tragic news that Jeannie had been killed in a traffic accident. He was understandably devastated. After that, his personality completely changed. He went from bright and cheerful to sad and morose. He was a shadow of his former self and he stopped coming to classes.

All of his friends were worried about him and we tried console him, but it was no use. Whenever we visited his apartment, he would refuse to answer the doorbell or pretend he wasn’t home.

A few months passed and just when everyone was beginning to forget about Franklin, he started coming to class again. On the surface, he seemed bright and cheerful again, but deep down, we could all sense a darkness in him. He looked haggard. His skin was pale and there were black rings around his eyes.

One day, when I got Franklin alone and asked him if there was anything wrong, he told me something very strange.

“I’m doing fine,” he said. “Every night, Jeannie calls me on the phone every night and she keeps my spirits up.”

I was stunned. “What? What do you mean?” I demanded.

“It helps to talk to her,” he said, staring at me with empty eyes. “Thanks to her, I was able to come back to university.”

I grabbed him by the shoulder. “Franklin, Jeannie is dead,” I said.

“No, she’s alive,” he insisted. “She calls me every night…”

I was convinced that Franklin was having some kind of mental breakdown, so I advised him to go to see a psychiatrist, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

“Well, then I’ll stay with you tonight,” I said, “and I’ll speak to Jeannie myself!”

That night, I followed Franklin back to his apartment. We had dinner and spent some time watching TV together. By the time I looked at the clock, it was already after midnight.

Suddenly, Franklin stood up and grabbed his cell phone.

“See… What did I tell you?” he said. “Jeannie’s calling me.”

He put the phone to his ear and started talking as if his dead girlfriend was on the other end of the line.

“But the phone didn’t even ring!” I exclaimed.

Annoyed, I rushed over to Franklin and grabbed the phone out of his hand.

“What are you doing?” he shouted. “Give it back!”

I put the phone to my ear, but I didn’t hear anything at all. It was completely silent. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, I looked at the display on the phone. It read “Jeannie”.

Franklin was grinning at me, with a weird expression on his face that I had never seen before.

A strange fear began to rise from the depths of my heart.

All of a sudden, a pair of pale, white hands… a woman’s hands… shot out of the phone.

I heard a hoarse, raspy voice hissing, “Get off the line!”

Shocked, I threw the phone on the floor and dashed out of the apartment.

Ever since then, I have completely avoided Franklin.

He no longer comes to the university and I heard a rumor that he has dropped out.

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