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Dramarama was a drama series for kids that aired on British TV in the 1980s. In 1983, they did a spinoff show called “Dramarama Spooky” that contained two very creepy episodes.


In a Dark, Dark Box

The story takes place at night, in a gloomy cottage in the woods. A young boy is lying in bed and his grandmother is reading him a story. The story is also set in a gloomy cottage in the woods and involves the discovery of a dark, dark trunk in a dark, dark cupboard, and a mystery about what might be inside the dark, dark box that it contains. Since the story resembles the house and the very room he is staying in, the boy begins to wonder if he is actually a part of the story! The boy’s father was a sailor who may have drowned at sea and his odd Edwardian-looking portrait is on the wall. The boy decides to challenge his own fear of finding out exactly what is inside the cupboard in the dark corner of his room. Strange puddles of water begin appearing on the floor, mysterious toy figures, photographs in which the image uncannily seems to change, and a dream state resulting in time merging and slipping. This is one of the most memorable and insistently strange stories in the series. It was written by Jane Holloway and you can watch it below.

scary for kids

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