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Dragsholm Slot

Dragsholm Slot

Dragsholm Slot is a haunted castle in Sealand, Denmark. It is one of the most famous castles in Europe and was investigated by Ghost Hunters International in 2009.

Dragsholm Slot

Dragsholm Slot was built in 12th century by the bishop of Roskilde. When the building was completed, it became the residence for several noble families.

One of the owners was a nobleman who had one daughter. The girl fell in love with a commoner who worked in the castle. Even though she knew that relations between commoners and nobles were forbidden, she was unable to help herself. The girl knew that her father would be furious if he found out about their relationship so she tried to keep it a secret.

Unfortunately, one day, the girl’s father discovered the two lovers in a passionate embrace. Filled with rage, he told his daughter that she had brought shame upon their family. As punishment, he ordered his servants to imprison the girl within the the castle. She was bricked up in the walls and left there to die.

Ever since that time, the ghostly figure of a girl in a white gown has been seen wandering the halls of Dragsholm Slot at night. They call her the White Lady.

In the 1930s, workers were renovating the castle and installing new bathrooms. They pulled down some walls and were shocked to discover something concealed in a small recess. Looking closer, they realized it was a small skeleton dressed in a white gown.

Dragsholm Castle also has old cellars in the basement where prisoners were kept. In the 1500s, the famous Earl of Bothwell, James Hepburn, was captured and imprisoned there. He spent 5 years in the dungeons, chained to a pillar and forced to live in horrible conditions. It eventually drove him insane and he died in 1578.

They say that, every night, his ghost comes riding through the castle’s courtyard on a horse and carriage. Visitors claim to have heard the sound of horses’ hooves scrambling in the cobbled courtyard.

The third ghost that haunts Dragsholm Slot is called The Grey Lady. According to the legend, she was a worker in the castle who suffered from a major toothache. She was cured by a doctor in the castle and her ghost returns to the castle every night to check on visitors and to see if everything is in the right order.

Today, Dragsholm Slot is a hotel and if you ever visit Denmark, you can stay the night in the haunted castle or eat dinner in the castle’s restaurant.

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