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Dating Profile

Dating Profile

The Dating Profile is a scary riddle about a guy who is going through a dating website when he comes across a picture of a girl he went to school with. It is one of the cryptic Japanese stories that are “scary when you understand the meaning”. This one is pretty easy, so after you read the story, think about it and try to figure out what is really going on.

I was going through a dating site, looking at the profiles, when I saw a picture of a girl I knew. I recognized her immediately because we had gone to school together. Back then, we were friends and I had a little crush on her. I thought it might be cool to get in touch with her again, so I sent her a message.

Me: Sara-chan, is that you? It’s me, Riku. Remember? We went to junior high school together.

A few minutes later, I got a reply.

Her: Riku? Wow! Of course I remember. How long has it been?

Me: Too long! I was surprised to find you on this site. You haven’t changed a bit. Still as cute as ever. What are you doing now?

Her: I’m at university.

Me: Oh, you mean Meiji university? So you stayed close to home!

Her: Yes!

Me: Wow! That’s great! You always got good grades in school.

Her: Well, recently, some workmen have been doing construction on my street. There’s so much noise, I can hardly concentrate on my studies.

Me: They’re doing construction on Shinjuku street?

Her: Oh yeah! It looks like they’re building a new convenience store.

Me: That’s right. I remember there was a vacant lot next to your house.

Her: Not anymore. That’s where they’re building.

Me: Remember that time I came to your house and we got ice cream and went for a walk in the park down the road? That was the best. If you’re free some time, we should do that again…
I didn’t get a response for a few minutes, but when I read the reply, a chill ran down my spine.

Her: Found it. Thanks for the help.

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