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Brain Busters

Brain Busters and creepy riddles to puzzle your mind. Read these short, freaky stories that are “scary when you understand the meaning” and try to figure out what is really going on.

1. Pregnant Woman

In the evening, I decided to go for a brisk walk. On the way, I saw a pregnant woman who was clutching her belly and seemed to be doubled over in pain. I rushed over to her and asked, “Are you OK?” but she didn’t reply.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. She still didn’t reply.

I thought she must be in a lot of pain, so I took out my cell phone.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’m going to call an ambulance.”

Just then, the pregnant woman opened her mouth.

“Umm, sorry, is there a police station near here?” she asked.

“There’s a police station just around the corner,” I told her and I pointed in that direction.

Then, she stood upright, said, “Thank you,” and calmly walked off in the opposite direction.

I looked at my cell phone and all of a sudden, I understood what was going on. I quickly ran all the way home.

Even now, when I think about it, it sends shivers down my spine. I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t have my phone with me.

2. Strange Dream

There was a married couple who lived together. The husband said that, every night, for about a month, he had been having the same strange dream. He wasn’t even sure it was a dream.

“In the middle of the night, I suddenly wake up and I see a person clinging to the ceiling. The person looks exactly like me. He turns his head around to look at me and says, “You have already lived enough. Let’s change places…””

Every morning, when the husband came down to breakfast, he would say to his wife, “I had that strange dream again last night.”

The wife began to get very worried about him.

But one morning, when the husband came down to breakfast, all he said was “Good morning.”

The wife was surprised and asked him, “Did you have that strange dream again last night?”

“What strange dream?” the husband replied.

3. A or B

One day, a boy received a text message from an unknown number. It read:

“I have a quick question for you. Which would you choose?
(A) 444092668086660344433
(B) 44409266808666055544488833

The boy didn’t know which one to choose, so he randomly chose (A) and sent a reply.

A few days later, he was found dead.

4. Running Child

It was after midnight and I was on my way home. It was a very cold night and I needed to warm up. I stopped to get a cup of coffee from a vending machine. Just then, a young boy came running down the street. He passed by me at top speed. I wondered what a kid was doing out so late, especially on such a cold night. I finished my coffee and started walking again.

Suddenly a woman came running up to me. “Have you seen my son?” she asked.

It was cold, I was tried and I didn’t want to get involved, so I shook my head and said, “No, sorry, I didn’t see anyone.”

I went home to bed. The next morning, I got a big surprise. The mother of the boy I saw last night was stabbed to death in her home. I didn’t see it in the newspaper, so I don’t know all the details yet, but my local shopkeeper told me all about it. Apparently, the kid found his mother’s dead body and informed the police.

I felt guilty. Maybe there was something I could have done to help.

5. Clueless Father

My father moved into an old age home a few months ago. I bought him a cell phone so he could call me. I put my number into the cell phone and gave it to him. “Now, you can get in touch with me whenever you need to,” I told him.

My father was quite clueless and didn’t understand modern technology. He didn’t really know how to use the phone.

One day, I got a text message from him. It simply read: “X:)x:)x:)x:)x:)x:)x:)x:)x:)x:)x:)x:)”

Like I said, my father was completely clueless and didn’t know how to use the phone.

A few days later, I got another text message from him. It was more of the same:

I rolled my eyes.

However, that was the last text message I ever received from my father. The next day, the old age home called me to tell me that my father had an accident. He fell down the stairs and died.

I looked at the two text messages he sent me. Was he trying to tell me something?

6. Rope Bridge

I went on camping trip with my friend. We were walking through the woods when we came to a long rope bridge. It didn’t look very safe and there was a dizzying drop to the river below. If anyone fell off the bridge, they wouldn’t survive.

When I was crossing the bridge, I felt a real thrill. Then, all of a sudden, one of the boards came loose. I slipped and fell through the hole. I managed to grab the rope just in time and saved myself from falling to my death. I shouted to my friend for help, but he was too afraid to set foot on the bridge.

When I got back to safety, I breathed a sigh of relief. “I could have died,” I said.
My friend was very concerned. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Really, someone should repair the ropes on this bridge.”

7. A Wife, a Dog and a Girlfriend

I have a girlfriend, but recently my wife has become suspicious. Whenever I get home, she is always in an angry mood, asking where I have been and who I have been with. By contrast, my girlfriend is always very nice and sends me encouraging e-mails every day. For me, she is like an oasis in the desert.

But today I didn’t receive any e-mails. When I came home in the evening, my dog greeted me at the door. He seemed to be in a good mood, wagging his tail and jumping up on me. My wife seemed to be in a good mood as well. She gave me a big kiss and didn’t bother me with any questions.

I decided to end the affair and sent my girlfriend one last e-mail to say “goodbye”. For a moment, I thought I heard the faint sound of her ringtone somewhere.

8. The Iron Plate

I was taking a walk when I heard a woman scream. “KAAAAAAAAA!” I was surprised to see a woman sitting on the road in front of a construction site. Beside her, there was a huge iron plate. It was 2 meters long, 2 meters wide and about 50cm thick. I tried to talk to the woman, but she was too stunned to speak.

A construction worker immediately came over and told me what happened. He said that they had dropped the iron plate while they were working on the building. They were moving it with a crane when, all of a sudden, a cable snapped and it fell all the way to the ground. Fortunately nobody was injured. The woman had just fallen over because she got a nasty shock.

Even so, as I looked at the black iron plate lying on top of the red tiles, I had a creepy feeling about it.

Later that evening, I was on my way home and I passed the construction site again. The iron plate still remained. It was probably so heavy that they couldn’t move it. Because of the danger, there was a security guard standing in the area to stop people getting too close. The woman I had seen earlier was still there. I went over to talk to her.

“You got quite a shock earlier,” I said.

The woman nodded. “Yes, I was very shocked,” she said. “Especially when I heard the scream…”

scary for kids


  • On older phones u had numbers for the letters, so u click 2 once, a, twice, b, three times is c ….. thats #3 btw

  • 4) i think the child wanted to kill the mother. if the protagonist told where the child was, she would have run in the opposite direction. she went all the way home and was killed by the boy who later called the police.

  • 1) I think that the lady was actually clutching a knife or a weapon im her stomach. But when she saw that the main character had a phone,she gave up on killing him/her and asked if there was a police station. She used it as a decoy so she could walk away. And when he/she saw his/her phone,he/she probably saw the lady walking perfectly fine by the reflection of the screen,and realized that his/her phone saved him/her because she knew that if he/she called a ambulance,they would find her clutching a weapon to her stomach,trying to hide it and attack random victims.
    2) The man said “Good morning” to his wife in the morning because the ladies husband died,and the identical guy that was on the ceiling finally took his place.
    3) I’m stumped on this one so im going to agree with @Mr. Collider,except that I tried it and it doesn’t spell “I want to die”
    4) Like @writer123,the lady wasn’t the boy’s mother. She was a kidnapper,got into the house,stabbed the mother and was chasing the boy to kidnap/kill him. And when the guy said he hadn’t seen the boy,the lady basically went a different direction then the boy. Therefore the guy SAVED the boy’s life,but when the boy returned home,he found is real mother dead because she was stabbed.
    5) Well,@scary for kids confirmed it already :)
    6) The main character’s friend planned it out,knew the bridge was old and wasn’t safe,and took his friend there to get him killed. But when his friend survived,he got angry and acted all innocent and shocked. But it gave it away cause he said the ROPES should get fixed,when it was the PLANK that broke.
    7) The wife probably went through her husband’s phone,found every piece of proof she needed so she could prove that her suspicions were true. Then she emailed his girlfriend saying jt was him and that she should go to her house. Then,she probably got her dog to kill the lady. But she forgot to cover her tracks by throwing the girlfriends phone out.
    8) Clearly, the plate fell on another woman and the other lady saw,and was shocked so she just stood there,OR the lady got killed by the metal plate while the other lady that was just standing there was waiting for the police,and she was still there because she was explaining the situation.

    Scary for kids,please respond if I’m correct on some or not. I’d like the feedback :)

  • I think I only got one…

    I think that the Wife is secretly the girlfriend AND wife.

  • @TerrorBeauty…Omg! u killed me…I still can’t stop laughing…ESPECIALLY #1 AND #7!!! XD

  • I got it all figure out.yay!!! Here it goes:-
    #1 The woman was actually in Labour pain and she was about to give birth,but when she saw the mobile phone,she thought he would take advantage of the situation and film her Labour on the she got up and distracted the guys mind with a stupid question because then she could run away and find a hospital.on the other hand,the guy was really innocent and if the phone wasn’t was in his hand,he would’ve to witness the Labour.he’s afraid of blood so the sight may disturb him.That’s why he felt relieved when she left .
    #2 they had a huge mirror in the ceiling.the man saw his own reflection and he imagined that he was dreaming and the reflection told him things,one day he realized his mistake,so he stupidly came down and said good morning to his wife because if she comes to know the truth,she’ll laugh at him.
    #3 option A meant the reply came that he should go and suicide.he obeyed.
    #4 The boy was a naughty child and he ran after hearing from the narrator that he didn’t see any boy,the mom lost hope and got depressed.she went straight home and suicided. When the child changed his mind and finally found way back home,he found his mother dead.if the narrator helped the mom find the child,she wouldn’t have died.
    #5 His dad was totally obsessed with the phone and was always trying to send his son random one day while his eyes were glued to the screen,he didn’t notice the stairs,he fell down and died.
    #6 the bridge broke because the narrator was a fatso and it couldn’t bear his it’s the narrator’s duty to repair the bridge.that’swhat his friend was indicating.
    #7 His wife and gf were bisexual.they both had a secret affair,that’s why the wife was angry with the husband because he was also sharing her one day he got home early and caught the lovers redhanded.the wife was faking happiness and good mood that day to prevent getting him suspicious.
    #8 she had a hearing problem.when she heard such a loud unexpected sound,she couldn’t bear it and went into a shock.

    These were so simple to figure out.😎

  • 5. The father went blind thats why he sent his son a smiley with an X above the eyes X:) the X looks like its crossing the eyes out

  • I’m pretty sure I know most of these but I don’t feel like writing it all haha some I am unsure of anyways….

  • I might be completely wrong, but maybe the father was trying to dial 911 on the second story? I tried looking at older phones and the x was on the same button as the 9. Can’t really tell where the “:” and “)” are though.

    Scaryforkids says: You’re right. The father was trying to dial 911…. On older mobile phones, dialing 911 in a text message gives you “X:)”

  • 1.Umm the pregnant woman is actually not pregnant and is trying to kidnap someone, the lump she had may be a another person.they can’t kidnap her cause her phone has a GPA tracker or something or it has a picture of someone big like the police head officer or the mayor and that might be her dad idk
    2.I think I have this one . On the last night he actually switched places whit him and pretended he dint know nothing
    4. Ugh the boy ran away and said he will be back to kill her and when the mom asked the women if she said yes she could have followed him and stopped him. Also the boy might have been near and would killed person
    6.he said the rope not the bridge ,not the planks
    7. Either the wife killed the women and feed it too the dog.or she kidnapped her.or she posed as her and was testing his husband and one day she decides what will happen if she is nice too him

  • 2) He was replaced
    5) Maybe the message looks like a person tumbling down the stairs? No idea
    6) He said *ropes*, when the *plank* broke. the friend wanted him to die
    7) The wife killed the girlfriend
    8) Someone beside the woman was crushed

  • 1) The woman is a killer. When she notices that you have a cell phone, she immediately asks if there’s a police station nearby and upon knowing she immediately gives up on you and walks away.
    2) they’ve finally changed places.
    3) if you type it in on your phone keypad, (A) reads “i want to die” and (B) reads “i want to live”.
    4) the kid upon finding out his mother been murder runs away to alert the police, the killer upon knowing that the kid saw her tries to run after him and bumps into you, you actually help somehow
    5) im stumped on this one…
    6) The friend tries to kill him by sabotaging the bridge… He’s probably pissed off now that he’s still alive..
    7) the wife killed the girlfriend. Probably hid her body somewhere in the house with her cell phone or might have fed her to the dog. That’s why the dog is soo happy.
    8) the woman pushed someone and they got crushed underneath the iron plate

  • 1. I’m stumped by that one.
    2. The man wasn’t dreaming, but was actually saying those things to his wife, meaning he wants to kill her.
    3. Something to do with the numbers forming a message.
    4. The woman who talked to the main character wasn’t the boy’s mother; she had attempted to kidnap him and murdered his real mother.
    5. Again, something to do with those letters having a secret meaning.
    6. The friend had come to the bridge earlier and sabotaged it to try and kill him.
    7. The wife killed the girlfriend and hid her body in the house. She has her cell phone on her, which is why he hears her ringtone when he sends her the goodbye message.
    8. The woman was killed in the accident and her spirit is trapped at the construction site.

  • hey SFK great to know that you are now writing stories rapidly.
    So these are a few i got
    1. The pregnant women was a criminal and was escaping the police.
    2. The man was replaced by the man in his dreams.
    7. The wife killed his girlfriend and hid her in the house.
    8. the iron plate fell on some other woman and when she shrieked the woman who was nearby got shocked.
    PLEASE SFK HELP!!! I really want to know the solutions help.

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