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The Collection is a scary episode of the Twilight Zone 2002 TV series. It’s about a babysitter, a young girl and a collection of barbie dolls that seem to come alive.

The Collection

Miranda is a babysitter who has been hired to take care of a little girl named Danielle.

The Collection

When her parents leave, Danielle brings Miranda up to her bedroom to show off her doll collection. All of the dolls are kept in a glass case, under lock and key.

The Collection

“Wow, these dolls are beautiful,” says Miranda.

“They’re not to play with,” Danielle replies.

When one of the dolls falls over, Miranda goes to the case to fix it, but Danielle stops her.

“I’ll do it,” says the little girl. “You have to be really careful with them.”

The Collection

However, when Danielle unlocks the case and puts her hand inside, she lets out a squeal.

“She bit me!” she cries.

“She couldn’t bite you, Danielle,” the babysitter says. “She’s just a doll.”

The Collection

Danielle’s finger is bleeding, so they go downstairs to get some tissues.

The Collection

Miranda makes two mugs of hot chocolate while Danielle tells her all about the dolls. Katie loves chocolate, Angie is afraid of water, Jenny likes to watch TV and Shelly isn’t afraid of anything.

The Collection

“Wow, your dolls sound like fun,” says Miranda.

“Sometimes,” Danielle replies. “Sometimes they aren’t…”

Danielle runs upstairs to get a board game. Seconds later, Miranda hears her scream and races upstairs to see what’s wrong.

The Collection

“It’s Shelly,” Danielle cries. “She’s gone! She got out of the case! It’s your fault! You left the key in the lock!”

They try to lock the case, but the key is missing.

“I bet Shelly took it,” says Danielle.

Miranda decides to humor the young girl, so they search the house for Shelley. They hear a noise and when they run down to the kitchen, they find a mug of hot chocolate lying broken on the floor.

The Collection

Miranda asks Danielle if she is doing all this to get attention.

“I didn’t break anything,” the little girl protests, “Shelly did. I told you. She’s mad and I don’t know why.”

Eventually, they find Shelly lying on the kitchen floor, but when they take the doll upstairs, they find the case is empty.

The Collection

“Oh no!” cries Danielle. “They all got out! They never all got out before!”

Miranda doesn’t believe the little girl’s story. “Danielle, where are they?” she demands. “Tell me what you did with the dolls.”

The Collection

“I didn’t do anything with them,” Danielle whines. “Shelly let them out. We have to find them before they do something.”

The Collection

When they go downstairs, they are horrified to find all of the dolls sitting in the living room, perched on couches and chairs.

The Collection

Miranda has had enough. “I’m phoning your parents,” she says.

She picks up the phone and dials the number, but she realizes that the phone lines have been cut.

The Collection

When she tries her mobile phone, she finds that the battery is missing.

On the fridge, spelled out with magnets, she finds a message that reads: “Leave”.

The Collection

For Miranda, it’s the final straw. “Shelly, I don’t know what you and your freaky little friends are up to,” she shouts, “but I’m taking Danielle and getting out of this horror movie!”

Before she can say another word, something trips her over. She falls down the stairs and is knocked unconscious.

When she wakes up, the dolls are dragging her by the hair towards the front door. Miranda fights them off and manages to escape.

The Collection

She runs upstairs and finds Danielle hiding in her closet, trembling with fear. Miranda hides in the closet too and wracks her brain, trying to figure out how they can get away.

The Collection

The dolls start banging on the closet door, trying to break it down.

Danielle accidentally drops her purse and when Miranda looks inside, she finds several drivers’ licenses, all of them belonging to young women…

Shelly… Katie… Angie… Jenny…

They all bear a striking resemblance to the dolls.

Danielle begins to cry. “Dont be mad,” she says.

“What did you do to them?” Miranda whispers.

“They said they were my friends,” the little girl whines. “I begged them to stay, but they wouldn’t. They left and they forgot about me.”

The Collection

“Oh God!” Miranda gasps. “The dolls weren’t trying to hurt you… They were trying to warn me… to get away from you!”

She tries to escape, but Danielle grabs her by the arm and holds her tight, shouting, “Don’t leave!”

“Let me go!” Miranda screams, but her face is already beginning to change.

Later that night, when the parents come home, they find Danielle alone in the house. Miranda is nowhere to be seen. The father calls the babysitting agency to complain.

“This is the third time a babysitter from your agency has walked out!” he yells.

Danielle goes upstairs to her bedroom and tells her dolls that they are all grounded forever because they were so bad.

The Collection

Then, she places a new doll in the case and locks the door.

“This is your new friend,” she says. “Her name is Miranda. Now, you all be nice to her.”

The Collection

scary for kids


  • Basically, this story was telling about Danielle turning all of her previous babysitters (back when they were human) into DOLLS and Miranda was her new victim. When the dolls put up a message on the fridge, stating “LEAVE”, they were trying to warn Miranda to run away from Danielle. But she thought it was something else (like the dolls would attack her) until she realizes it was DANIELLE transforming the babysitters into dolls. And, by the way, Miranda became part of the Danielle’s doll collection in the end. Hope this helps!

  • nice story. i have watched a short film with the same story, but now i dont remember it

  • @shiv, the little girl turned all of her old babysitters into dolls, the new babysitter thought the dolls were trying to kill her when they were trying to warn her. Then the girl turned the new babysitter into a doll.

  • Cool…I wonder how she got the power to turn people into dolls…y don’t the dolls ever kill her when they get out? And don’t the parents ever notice her new dolls and wonder where she got them?

  • Great story indeed, very scary. The pictures should be deleted, they have no effect whatsoever. The story would be better without them, or perhaps as a horror movie.

    -Never trust the children

  • Okay but how the girl turned the babysitters into dolls ? And why didn’t she turned her parents into dolls btw I loved the story

  • @FAN OF SCARY FOR KIDS I know right? Just like Alma, that what I thought when I finished reading it!

  • I remembered a movie that I had watched before when I read this. The toys were alive just like this story’s and tried to kill people in their owner’s house, but I forgot the title. Anyway, another great story and that was unexpected plot twist.

  • Wow. Didn’t see that coming. I loved the plot twist by the way! The story was great :)

  • Hmm..was a creepy story somewhat like the short film called ‘Alma’.

    Does anybody watches twilight zone of 2015? If it is there then I would love to watch it.

  • this story, with the pictures, is really good.
    I always wonder how kids like Danielle will turn out when they’re adults :o

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