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Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Eggs is a funny little story for kids about a girl who won’t share her candy with her younger brother. It is based on a little tale from Korea.

Chocolate Eggs

It was midnight and a girl was sitting at the table in her living room, trying to do some study. Her little brother was on the floor behind her, playing with his toys. The girl had bought a bag of chocolate eggs and was eating them as she read her book.

“Can I have a chocolate egg?” asked the little brother.

“No!” replied the girl gruffly.

“Please can I have a chocolate egg?” he whined.

“I told you No!” she said.

She continued eating her chocolate eggs and her brother kept pestering her to give him one. Eventually, she grew tired of the constant distraction. She grabbed the half-finished bag of candy and tossed it over her shoulder.

“Here!” she said. “You can have the rest.”

She heard the rustling noise as her little brother ran over, grabbed the bag and began eating the chocolate eggs.

“There’s only two left”, said a voice behind her. “Can I eat one?”

The girl sighed. “Yes!” she snarled. “Just quit bugging me.”

She heard heard some slobbering and munching sounds behind her.

“Now there’s only one left,” said the voice.

“Stop asking questions and just eat it!” she yelled.

Then, she turned around and to her horror, she saw a hideous monster. It had just finished chewing on the remains of her little brother.

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  • so im guessing the brothers brown because he or the monster said ” there is only 2 left” so.. idk maybe even white for white chocolate lol:)

  • So the monster eat her brother and is about to eat her too cause voice and there is one left an she yelled just eat

  • Win-win
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  • this is boring, i like short stories, but i like short stories with actual story behind it.

  • makes no sense 0.0 i understand the story but it is just stupid to me :PP

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