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Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction is a scary true story about a group of construction workers who are building a bridge at night when one of them spots something strange floating over the lake. This story is supposedly true and it happened in Japan.

Bridge Construction

When I was a young man, I got a job as a construction worker. One night, we were dispatched to a construction site. The workers were building a bridge over a lake.

It was the night shift, so in order to see what they were doing, they had to have a series of spotlights to illuminate the area. I was in charge of setting up the spotlights and making sure the generator that powered them was running smoothly.

Most of the construction workers were under the bridge. I was standing up on a small hill, beside the generator and the spotlights. Because it was the middle of the night, there wasn’t much else for me to do, so I decided to take a short break.

All of a sudden, the lights went out and we were plunged into darkness.

I heard a voice shout, “The generator is out of fuel!”

It struck me as odd that the generator had run out of fuel because I had just filled it about half an hour before. It took me a while to find a fresh can of fuel, but when I did, I filled the tank again. The generator sprang to life and the lights came back on.

Just then, I saw one of the construction workers lying by the side of the road. I thought he had been hit by a car, so I rushed over to help him. When I got a closer look at the man, I realized that he wasn’t injured at all. However, he was trembling like a leaf and his teeth were chattering and he could barely speak.

I called the other construction workers over and told them something was wrong. Then, I put a blanket around the man’s shoulders and gave him a mug of tea to drink. When he had calm down, he was finally able to tell us what had scared him so much.

When the lights went out, he had been the one shouting that the generator had run out of fuel. As his eyes got used to the darkness, he saw something floating over the lake, illuminated by the pale moonlight.

It was coming straight towards him. He could only make out a dark shape, but he said it seemed to be round and fluffy. There was an eerie glow about it. He thought it might be a balloon or something similar, but it was approaching much too fast.

Only when the object came within 3 or 4 meters of him was he finally able to see what it was…

It was the severed head of a woman… and it seemed to be grinning at him.

This is what it looked like:

Bridge Construction

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