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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes is a scary horror story about a girl named Sara who has an intense hatred and envy for her own sister Jennifer. This is based on an urban legend from Spain.

Blue Eyes

A few years ago, in a small town in Spain, there lived two sisters named Sara and Jennifer. Sara was 16 years old and Jennifer was 17. Their parents believed they had the perfect family. They lived in a large house, they owned two cars, they were comfortable financially and they had two beautiful daughters. The parents could not have felt better about life, but they were completely unaware of a serious problem that would tear the family apart. Sara intensely hated her sister Jennifer.

The reason Sara hated her sister was that she believed Jennifer was more beautiful than her. No matter how many times people told Sara she was pretty, she would never believe it. When she looked in the mirror, she felt extremely ugly. When she looked at Jennifer, she saw everything she wanted to be.

Jennifer had beautiful, long blond hair. She had an attractive, slim figure and never needed to diet. She had perfect white skin and never needed to wear makeup. But there was something Sara envied more than anything else about Jennifer. It was her beautiful blue eyes.

Jennifer was very popular with the boys at school. Whenever she walked by, the boys would whistle and it seemed as if every boy in school wanted to date her. They always complimented her on her beautiful blue eyes. All of the popular girls in school wanted to hang around with Jennifer.

Over time, Sara’s envy grew worse and worse. She became obsessed with her sister’s eyes.

One afternoon, sitting alone in her room, Sara began brooding about her sister’s good looks. As she stared at herself in the mirror, she wished that there was something she could do to destroy Jennifer. Sara’s unbridled envy had driven her over the edge of madness and, in her rage, she wanted to ruin the life of her sister. With chilling coldness, Sara devised a crazed and depraved plan.

While Sara was brooding alone in her room, Jennifer was with her friends, hanging out at the local mall. She was blissfully unaware of what her younger sister was planning.

The next evening, Sara’s parents went out to the theater together, leaving their deranged daughter alone in the house. She decided that it was the perfect opportunity to put her devious plan into action.

Sara waited until 10PM, when her sister arrived home. Jennifer was in good spirits and everything seemed normal as she entered the house and walked upstairs to her bedroom. When she opened the door, she noticed something strange. The framed photograph of herself that she kept her dressing table was lying shattered on the floor.

Suddenly, she got a phone call. Looking at the screen of her phone, she saw it was from a private number. When she answered the call, she heard a voice hissing threats on the other end. The person said they wanted to rip out Jennifer’s blue eyes and disembowel her.

“Come outside! Come outside!”, hissed the voice.

Jennifer recognized the voice. It was Sara.

Jennifer ran downstairs and opened the front door. What she saw outside made her lose her senses. The dead body of her sister Sara was hanging by the neck from a tree. Her stomach had been slit open and her guts were spilling out. Her dead eyes were staring straight at Jennifer.

The scene was so awful that Jennifer ripped her own eyes out so that she wouldn’t have to look at it anymore. Sara’s insane plan had worked. She got exactly what she wanted. In her madness, she had killed herself in the most horrible and disturbing way she could imagine in order to destroy her sister’s beauty. Jennifer had lost the most beautiful thing she had – her eyes.

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  • She should have called the police and told them what she saw or just turned away😕😕😕😕😕

  • since this story has cause this much of a fuss then it’s 10/10 guts spilling out lol..

  • Okk….. Why would anyone do that…. And how can u just rip your eyes out of their sockets anyway? 4 out of 10 eyeballs.

  • I have a sister. And I have blue eyes… help me…
    *knock knock*
    “Who’s there?”
    “Your sister. I need to borrow something…”

  • @ScoobyNicholeDoo your story end is much better then the original story…
    who ripped Their own eyes she could just shut her eyes close to avoid the scene..

  • As for the story, It was good. Good thing I don’t have blue eyes. Thank god my sibling isn’t jealous of me. (I think)

  • i was expecting the ending would be that she will take her eyes and place it on her own o.o

  • yyea they have these things umm called contacts yyea that would have been a little easier instead of KILLING YOURSELF! Dumb

  • Ohhh creepy…but Sara should have killed her sis and then pluck out her eyes and puts jenifers eyes and see in the mirror now she had blue eyes

  • sad story..!!! that was the stupidist thing to take revenge….ant btw who the heck is jealous from sisters…such stupid girl

  • My ending: Jennifer walks outside and her sister stabs her and skins her plus takes her hair. She puts all of it on, plucks her own eyes out, puts the blue eyes in and says “I am you!!!!!”

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