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Blind Woman

Blind Woman

The Blind Woman is a short humorous story about an old lady who keeps a memento of her dead husband.

Blind Woman

There was an old blind woman who owned a farm. Her husband had been sick for years and he eventually died. She cried for days and decided to chop off his finger to keep as a memento. As he lay in the coffin, she felt around for his middle finger, grabbed it and chopped it off with a knife. She wrapped the finger in a handkerchief and kept it in her pocket.

One night, the old blind woman was lying in bed when she heard footsteps downstairs. She recognized those footsteps. They sounded exactly like the footsteps of her dead husband. A shiver ran down her spine as she heard the footsteps walking up the stairs. She heard her bedroom door creak open and the smell of death filled the room.

Tremblingwith fear, the old blind woman said “Have you come back for your finger?”

She heard the ghostly voice of her dead husband reply, “That wasn’t my finger you chopped off!”

scary for kids


  • I just had such fun *twitch twitch* reading all these comments. But sadly she cut off her own finger. Not his. He came to tell her what she did to herself.

  • For those who don’t understand and were not helped by the comments:
    She cut off his penis.

  • I’m laughing so hard but then again I’m a guy so this is incredibly painful to think about😂😂😂😂😂

  • I’m only 10 and I understand this. This is dirty, the second I figured out I was just thinking this is scary for KIDS KIDDDS not adults.. e_e

  • Well, now he can’t use the middle finger in Heaven…! Or so she thought………

  • …… Unfortunately I got this cause I have a lot of male cousins…….. Sounds like something they or my granda (grandfather, ‘da’ is father in Gaelic) would joke about………. But, I mean people stop freaking out! It’s just kinda disturbing, but think about it. BUT THIS IS A KIDS WEBSITE, COME ON!!! I thought of my grandma when I saw the pic.

  • The first thing that pops into my mind after reading this is that she cut off his butt!!!!!!!(Not all of it but the……)

  • She cut of his dick lol.Maybe he needed to do something with it in the afterlife.XD Don’t worry kids won’t understand


  • Read 2 many comments! :p just realized after first one still call urself afk KIDS!? Sick lol

  • Wait, didn’t he have pants on when they placed him in the coffin? So it couldn’t have been the ” thing”.Plus, she was fumbling around for the finger, unless he was nude this theory makes no sense. It couldn’t have been his toe either, he probably had shoes on. Just stop being so dirty minded and try looking at the facts,you don’t burry someone naked so she couldn’t have cut it off!

  • One second after reading story: -.- What did she chop off?

    Three second after reading story: -.- What did she chop off?

    Five seconds after reading story: O_O EWWWW OH GOD WHY!!!!

  • Omg. I just laughed so hard. His Peewee. GO SPECSAVERS LADY!! You ruined his chance of babies in the AfterLife.

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