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Big Man

Big Man

The Big Man is a funny and spooky story for children about a young boy who has a frightening encounter in his bedroom.

Big Man

There was a young boy named Andrei who lived in a small village in Russia. He was a nervous child and was often afraid of one thing or another. He was quiet and spent most of his time listening to other people’s conversations.

In the village where he lived, he would often hear people talking about The Big Man. “Behave yourself or The Big Man will take you away,” he heard a mother say to her child. “Go to bed or The Big Man will come and get you,” said another parent. “Don’t go over there, that’s where the Big Man lives,” he overheard a father telling his daughter. Andrei began to wonder who this big man was and why kids needed to be afraid of him.

One dark night, as Andrei lay sleeping in bed, he heard his bedroom door slowly creak open. There, in the doorway, stood the shadowy figure of a man. He was over six feet tall and he had the ugliest face Andrei had ever seen.

The big man was tall and fat. He had a scar down the side of his face and one of his eyes was milky white. The big man silently walked over to Andrei’s bed and leaned down.

In a commanding tone, the big man said, “Get up!”

Andrei replied in a trembling voice, “I will not get up!”

“Get up or I’ll kill you!” the big man threatened.

Andrei got out of bed.

“Get dressed!” said the big man.

“I will not get dressed,” replied Andrei.

“Get dressed or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei got dressed.

“Now, come with me!” commanded the big man.

“I will not go with you!” said Andrei.

“Come with me or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei followed the big man down the stairs and out the front door. There was a large, black car parked outside. The big man grabbed Andrei by the scruff of the neck and tossed him into the back seat. Then he got in, started the engine and drove off.

They drove through the streets of the little village and out into the countryside. The black car hurtled down the little country roads until they were in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, the big man pulled over to the side of the road and stopped.

Andrei looked out the window and saw that they had stopped outside a cemetery. The big man grabbed Andrei and bundled him out of the car. He dragged the frightened boy through the cemetery gates and down a narrow path until they came to a grave. The big man picked up a shovel and tossed it at Andrei’s feet.

“Dig up the grave!” he growled.

“I will not dig up the grave!” said Andrei.

“Dig up the grave or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei picked up the shovel and began digging. After almost an hour, he unearthed a coffin and stopped to regain his breath.

“Take out the dead body!” growled the big man.

“I will not!” said Andrei.

“Take it out or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei opened the coffin and lifted out the dead body. It was the corpse of an old man and his face was moldy and rotten. There were maggots crawling out of his mouth, nose and eye sockets.

“Now, eat it!” ordered the big man.

“I will not!” said Andrei.

“Eat it or I’ll kill you!”

Andrei shuddered and reluctantly began to eat the dead body. He started nibbling on the ear. Then, he bit into the cheek. The taste made him gag.

Suddenly, Andrei felt someone grabbing him by the shoulder and shaking him.

“Andrei, wake up,” said his mother. “That’s the third mattress you’ve eaten!”

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