White Death

The White Death is a creepy story about a vengeful spirit in Mexico who hunts down anyone who knows about her existence.

White Death

I am currently sitting in front of my computer, scared witless. Every moment could be my last. My friend is here with me and he is the sole reason why my life is in danger. It may not make sense at first, but let me explain.

It all started earlier today, when a friend of mine burst into my house and slammed the door behind him. His eyes were wide with fear and he stood there with his back against the door, breathing heavily. I asked him what had happened and he told me this story:

He had been living with his Aunt for the past year because his parents were in Mexico. They were doing mission work at a small hospital in Southern Mexico. The previous night, a bedraggled man had stumbled through the entrance of the hospital. He was screaming in Spanish and appeared to be out of his mind with terror.

They brought him over to a chair and let him sit down. As he caught his breath, he told his story in broken English. He claimed that his sister had been killed by something he referred to as “La Muerto Blanco”. He kept saying that it was coming for him next.

Confused, they asked him who or what a Muerto Blanco was. With a look of unfathomable fear on his face, he said that La Muerto Blanco was The White Death. She is the soul of a girl who died years ago. She died by her own hand, he said, alone and unloved. She hated life so much that she wanted to remove all traces of herself from the earth. So great was her desire to completely obliterate her memory, that she returned from the dead as a vengeful spirit, bent on killing all those who knew of her existence.

She is a girl, but not a girl, he said. She’s not dead, but not really alive. She has cold, black eyes that weep blood. She walks without ever actually seeming to move an inch. She stalks her victims like a wild animal, pursuing them across rivers and valleys, trailing them back to their homes. You are never really aware that she is following you, until you hear her telltale knock upon your door.

“She knocks once for you skin, which she’ll use to patch her own decaying flesh. Twice for your hair, which she’ll gnash between her teeth. Three times for your bones, which she’ll fashion into clubs. Four times for your heart, which she’ll tear out of your chest. Five times for your teeth, which she’ll polish and keep in a box. Six times for your eyes, which she’ll pluck out one by one. Seven times for your soul, which she’ll swallow whole.”

“No matter where you go, The White Death will track you down and you will hear her terrible knocking begin on the door. You can try to outrun her, but she’s faster than any mortal man. If you flee from your home while she’s knocking on your door, she will follow you wherever you go.”

The terrified man was certain that this thing had killed his sister. He had tried to tell the police, about The White Death but they would not listen, dismissing it as an old wives’ tale. Next, he had tried to tell his priest, but the priest immediately shut the door of the church in his face and turned him away. The priest had seen The White Death following him, he said, and did not want to get involved.

With his head in his hands, the frightened man said that The White Death follows you forever until you tell someone else about it. Then it strikes. It kills you and begins following the person you told.

After finishing his tale, the man stole a car from the mission hospital parking lot, and vanished into the night.

Apparently, my friend’s mother and father had immediately called his aunt and told her about the stange man they had encountered. They asked her if she had ever heard of the White Death. She said she had not and they proceeded to tell her the story that the man had told them.

The aunt got a phonecall later that night. It was the Mexican police. They told her that the parents had been found dead outside the hospital. They had been torn apart.

My friend’s aunt had immediately called him at school to break the bad news to him. As he cried, she told him she couldn’t understand what had happened. She recounted the whole story to him, telling him about the strange man who had turned up in the hospital just hours before his parents were found dead. She told him how the man had given his parents a weird and disturbing story about something called The White Death.

When he hung up the phone, he had struggled to come to terms with what had happened. It almost didn’t seem real to him. When he got home after school, he found the front door of his Aunt’s house standing open. Inside was a trail of blood, leading into the kitchen. There on the kitchen floor, he found his Aunt’s dead body. She had been torn limb from limb.

He ran out of the house and all the way across town, never looking back, until he reached my house. As he told me this story, I could hardly believe it. Within the space of a day, his mother, his father and his aunt had been murdered. It all seemed too far-fetched.

But before I could utter a word, my friend and I both recoiled in horror as we heard a knocking begin at my front door.

We’ve been staring at the door for an hour now, neither of us wanting to open it. The knocking is still going on, growing louder and louder. She never gives up. She never quits. La Muerto Blanco is unstoppable. I think she wants to scare us, my friend and I. I think she wants us to blame each other. And I do – I blame my friend. It’s all his fault. He should never have told about her.

As I sit here in my house, beside my friend, both of us listening to that hideous knocking growing ever louder, I wish a lot of things. I wish she had killed my friend before he reached my house. If he had never been able to tell me about her, I wouldn’t be in danger now. I’m sorry I ever met him.

And I’m sorry for you too. I’m sorry I made you read this story. I’m sorry I ever told you about the White Death. Because now that you know about her, she’ll be coming for you next.


  1. Saliq says

    Day 769.
    Still no White Death.

    Passed Highschool,
    entered college,
    Went from single to committed X 2 times
    Lots of other things

    See my comment below on September 14, 2015 ?
    I’m alive and back.
    Still No white death.

    Not like I would like to see it

  2. Wondersio says

    @Slaughter Daughter

    I totally agree with you. Even tho spanish is my fourth language and I barely remember how to say all the numbers I still understand how spanish grammar works (kinda).

  3. HorrorFanGirl says

    I’m going to tell this to all my enemies :D Then i’ll wrap myself in a warm jasmine oil scented towel and jump in a river till i drown, so that evil witch won’t snatch my soul. I know….how depressing XD

  4. The Undead says

    Read this like 4 years ago and La Muerta Blanca still hasn’t showed up. I guess she’s bound to MX. (I live in U.S.A.)

  5. EnigmaOfFlaws says

    Imagining the author furiously writes down his story and posts it on this website while a vengeful ghost knocks on his door. “Man, why are you on your phone, a ghost is knocking on our door to kill us?” “I must post this on a website to kill thousands of other people.” Also, why would a powerful murdering spirit knock? Just bust down the door and murder some people!

  6. ALM2006 says

    Well I’m officially scarred for life. Thanks a lot sfk!!!🙀🙀😰😰😱😱🖕🏼🖕🏼🕷🕷

  7. umscary says

    well i’ll be waiting to die, and when she comes knocking at me door i will give her a big greeting and say “well hello, i have been excpecting you…… WHITE DEATH”the burst into laughter as she kills me.

  8. Dobbyisfree says

    I read this to my friends and they were just like, “Oh, thanks, Abby!!! You set a phyco spirit on us.” My other friend said she heard knocking on her door… L.O.L.

  9. Dobbyisfree says

    Yes, Slaughter Daughter.
    I am not Spanish, nor do I speak it, but I picked up on that flaw.

  10. DiabeticABCs says

    Oh, boo hoo. I’m gonna die soon just because a Mexican bitch didn’t get her tacos and burritos for breakfast.

  11. Slaughter Daughter says

    This story was hard to take seriously because of the inaccurate Spanish linguistics. “La Muerto Blanco” has contradicting masculine and feminine tenses. “La” is feminine, whereas “Muerto” and “Blanco” are masculine. The correct translation is “La Muerte Blanca”. Maybe consider changing it, because to any Spanish speaker this looks strange.

    Experience: I am Latina and Spanish is my first language, though I speak English fluently as well. I am Venezuelan if you are wondering.

  12. Dark_Heart 13 says

    I think it not true just like The Story of Kashima Reiko but its give me creep

  13. waleed says

    Worst story I’ve ever read! The author desperately trying to make this story scary by telling it’s reader that white hoe is coming for us ! Booo this scare tact is old!

  14. cc_motionless says


  15. The Light of Lilly says

    Apparently whoever wrote this story did not study spanish… It is El Muerto Blanco if it is about a dead, but since it is death it would be La Muerte Blanca…’

    – Never get involved in any kind of paranormal situation.

  16. BloodCreep says

    this is not true its a scottish spirit duh!!!!

    Scaryforkids says Actually, no. The website you read that on copied the story from here. They added the “Scottish” thing because… i don’t know… They’re idiots probably. It’s from Mexico.

  17. Rachellioes says

    even if the white death did find me, i don’t think that she would kill me cuz i have really dry skin and greasy hair. plus i barely ever drink milk so my bones are probably hella weak

  18. DeadlyAngel says

    Not scary. She just wants your body parts. She doesn’t want anybody to know she exists, that’s why she removed all her traces. Use your brain people…if you got one :/

  19. snowwhite says

    So all the readers who comments bellow did you heard any knock on your door..??? or any sign of white dead please tell…
    Lol good story..!!!

  20. Saliq_Khan says

    Yeah, she comes in saying I need your body parts, and I and my friends who are body builders would go down without a fight? Like, sure you can take us all? Ha ha ha

  21. QueenOfGhosts says

    Hopefully she is real she and I could be friends.
    Me: want to hang out?
    WD: Sure you seem cool.
    Me: eats WD ”Mmmm tasty.”


    Ummmm… Nice story..one of the Best plot…… I think I have read this story before and I think this story is not new….. Anyways I feel relaxed to read again… Good job sfk..

  23. BrownChikaBrownCow says


  24. Childrenofthecorn says

    Okay, third time I’ve read it over the course of a year. I still get scared. XD

  25. Illusionist_6 says

    I read this a year ago on this website. It scared the hell outta me. Even though it isn’t real at all it is really scary as well as creepy. SFK you are doing great job by posting such great stories =)

  26. XxNightmaregirlxX says

    This is NOT real. I read it years ago and just now and I am still alive. Or if it is real she lives in MEXICO! Not England, which is where I am from. Wait . . . there’s someone at the door, g2g.

  27. koolkid says

    YOU ALL ARE SUCH RETARDS!!! I TOLD AT LEAST 20 PEOPLE THIS STORY (7 Mexican) AND NONE OF THEM HAVE DIED!!! and, steph, LUCY IS RIGHT!!! don’t be a big fat b*tch, ok?

  28. XxNightmaregirlxX says

    Well, if this is it, then goodbye!! I am scared!! Although not as scared now I know that xoxLauren survived!! Thanks xoxLauren, I am not as scared now!! Oh, and actually what that man said means The Dead White. I searched it up on Google Translate!

  29. ScreamingxSpirit says

    Oh!…..is this true?but never mind she’s in mexico n i’m in india! I have much time to run away….

  30. FESHE24 says

    Hello ppl! She is in Mexico! Get a grip! Most of you wrote these comments in 2010 and your (hopefully) not dead! And i like the whole related to the black death thing, its funny

  31. Monk says

    -reads story, sits patiently in front of my door with an ax. Says to myself, “Come at me bro.”-

  32. skittlezXD says

    If it was real i’d yell this in her face….HEEEEEYYY SEXAY LADAY!!!THAT’S THE GANGNAM STYLE!! And then we would have a big ol’ party with a pool filled with jell-o (My dream party!!)

  33. skittlezXD says

    OMG! There was just a knock on my door! GAH now i’m scared brb….No one was there…Stupid Noah!

  34. Candy1239 says

    And by the way I’m only ten(almost eleven) and I’m not scared of this story. Its just stupid. And some people older than me are scared(lame). its just a myth to get you to hide under you bed and to pee your pants.

  35. Candy1239 says

    If the person that wrote this is still posting, then it’s not real guys!She won’t come for you because it’s a myth.

  36. mynuggets says

    kso, i read this like a month ago… it’s fake. every time i answer my door, nothing kills me. it’s okay

  37. Lillia says

    GUYS, for GODS SAKE, if it was real IT WOULDN’T BE ON THE INTERNET!! whoever posted it would be arrested!!

  38. beachgirl says

    ok. just got my act together and finished it. yeah, so fake. and about the noises, i think it was my step dad. plus if it was true how come he’s tellin us this, how come i just found out about it, and if you hear knockin…
    two words, mass hysteria. also i have a dreamchatcher so i’m all good! =)

  39. DeathAwaitsYou says

    I showed my mom this story and she said that this was just made to scare you to DEATH! Honestly, I thought I was going to die but I’m still alive. I going to try and surt the internet. If it’s true, I’ll comment all over again.

  40. cuppyX3 says

    I got so pissed when I read the ending “because now that you know about her, she’ll come for you next” at first I was scared and then I was like………this is BS!

  41. huywieland says

    i read this story and suddenly,there are a knock on my front door,i know this so a take my weapon(a nift gun with 4 nift bullet)i qickly open the door and shoot with my eye close,that not her,that my mom!

  42. beyond scared says

    I was killed by the white death. Right now my ghost is typing this. Kidding. I’m still alive. Plus it clearly says it’s a STORY..

  43. italyparrot says

    I swear, I was so scared when I read this! But yes, its been three years and I am alive. Plus, if it was, the guy typing this story wouldn’t have had enough time.

  44. Helen Malfoy says

    Oh, come on people! If this would be real, it wouldn’t be on this side! Or on any other! Yes, it is fricking scary, but it’s not real! I believe in ghosts and aliens, but I don’t believe in this. And I never will!

  45. Mole.D.Cheese says

    I heard four knocks on my door today…….it was El Hombre in Brown that came to drop off a package.

  46. GhostGirl666 says

    I doubt it would be real, otherwise it wouldn’t have been posted by scary for kids. But good story! At first I was quite worried. Good job I’m going to school today…….

  47. Icyblu4211 says

    I get it she tried to stop the White Death by posting her story online. Millions of people would read the story, too many for the White Death to get to and in doing so she stopped the White Death. And one of the people who reads the post is probably a priest, so the ghost could be exorcised.

  48. ImInLoveWithScaryStories says

    guys i read this at least 4 years ago 9m still alive though um my sister is dead from a heart attack which came all of sudden bcuz she read this and it happened a month after she did so at least im the lucky one or my sister was meant to be…. :( Good-bye and be safe and dont think me weird this could affect u or reletives because everyone says ill be next.

  49. Rainbows says

    Anybody who is afraid of this, plz calm down. You are ok and will be ok. I promise. I know that you’ll be fine.
    DEAD scary , it’s ok. This scared me too. It’s probably not real. You’ll be fine. I hope you feel better. I’m sorry this scared you. I’m twelve…………….
    Feel better and lots o love , Rainbows…

  50. randopizzasauce123 says

    Hi. Im dead because I read a fake story. I got my heart ripped from my body. If your reading this you are apparently agreeing with me simply because this story is fake. Im obviously not dead and the comment above me is stupid. Have a nice day :)

  51. neverscaredgirl9 says

    Hello im Lacie i read this story on September 14th at 5:43 and now im dead i didn’t beleive but i was wrong i was killed by White Death she killed me by stabbing me 3 times in the back and then 5 on right side of my body i’m only 10 years old please tell someone else this story or repeat it to yourself in a dark room 2 times if you don’t then you will end up like me and trust me you don’t want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. beyond scared says

    its a story. if it was like that. it would be in the urban legends section.
    or i could be dead and my ghost was writing this review.

  53. JustAGirl<3 says

    This is THE SCARIEST story on here. Like, legit, I am afraid to tell anyone, or even leave my room! Haha, and this is my 3rd time reading this!

  54. Jeb says

    I heard a knock on my door a second after I read this. It was just my little sister, coming home from a friends house, but still. creepy.

  55. Richard Van Helsing says

    So I read this story thinking nothing of it but then a few hours later there was three loud bangs on my door but when my dad looked there was no one there.

  56. pauliej says

    It’s hilarious how bad this scared you guys xD I’m making a movie of this after Halloween next year :)

  57. DEAD scary says


  58. trissssy says

    When your mom knocks on the door at 10:30pm LITERALLY after reading this. REALLLY?????? Actually scared to answer :D lol

  59. alyssia says

    Guys nothing to b worry bout I mean are chain letters real hell to the f### no I find tht s### to b entertaining what makes this any different so calm down suck It up and b a little more mature u know dis comming from a 13 year old damn ppl older than me scared of dis s###

  60. cupcakesz says

    not true…i first heard this story 4 years ago, and im still alive, and i’ve told it so many times, nobody i told died.

  61. hahaitsme says

    … Not real… Saw this on Creepypasta wiki about 2 months ago, and it said that she only attacks you if you witness her killing someone, or if you tell someone about her, and i have told someone, but she still hasn’t come after me…

  62. emolove says

    I likee this storry id dew tha same thing awzome if j die id come bck nd haunt everyone BE CAREFULL!!!!!!!!!

  63. Bubby_Pita1099 says

    I always read the last sentence of the last paragraph first or i either read the comments haha

  64. stereo love says

    guys calm down……yes when i read this story on october 23 there was knocks on my doors but just dont tell anyone
    maybe the white death is real….or maybe not
    if u dont wanna die just dont tell anyone

  65. sakura says

    omg after reading this i’m like okaaaaayyyyy should i tell ppl or not cause i have a friend dat really likes scary stories

  66. hannahsnotscared says

    She isn’t real people coz of all the people who know about this would tell other people and then those other people would tell other people and then everyone would be dead or there would be a huge massacure. If she was real she wouldn’t just go after mexican people and im not just saying that because im a mexican because im not a mexican beacuse the sotry says that she kills EVERYBODY who knows about her exsitence. If she were real she wouldn’t kill you as soon as she found out about you the story says you would have to tell someone else about her first and then she would kill you, she only follows you if you know and I suspect for the people who have known about her for a month or more nobodys been saying someone has been following you. What if you tell someone and you outside she wont be able to knock then would she. Dont believe this rubbish!!! ;D

  67. spiralz and ghosts says

    but more than one person in the WHOLE world would hear this story so there must be thousands of White Deaths!,in conclusion shes not real

  68. cici says

    omg i gust read this and im not sure waht to believe after reading the coments!!! im really scared AND home alone!! but i think if u dont tell anyone u wont die so dont tell anyone ppl!!!!!

  69. theawesomeness says

    ill tell this creepy stalker the story. that kid is always there when im at the px. btw px is like a military wal-mart in korea or any other base

  70. wolf says

    Don’t be scared ppl, if this story were true, they wouldn’t kill anybody whos not in mexico.

  71. tetracore99 says

    its not true bc i read this a long time ago and guess what im alive… and wen there is knocks at my door its people not some spirit thing

  72. DarkAngel123 says


    Read this story and i was like O.o

    Then i sent it to all my friends… hahaha :)

    If im gonna die i better not die alone! loool

  73. armijniex says

    this aint real cuz im alive and i read it bout year ago. still it made me go crying to my mum last year :D

  74. Creepy -.- says

    Well i’ll be scared if there was a knock on my door. definaly it would be my friends knocking cuz they go to my house everyday.

  75. nightmares4545 says

    im pretty sure that this is a fictional story but it was awesome!!!! scaryforkids.com rules!!

  76. Mccool87739 says

    i read this story a year ago!!!!! And i’m still here! so dont be scared….. only if u live by ur self…ha ha ha ha!:)i’m just jokeing i live with 6 guys in my house so i am not SCARED!!!!!!!!!

  77. scaredoutofmylife2 says

    Guys I’m looking at my door. There’s a girl and she’s nockin 5 times. I’m so scared. If I never post again then I’m probly captured. I love you all…. goodbye

  78. twolittlesunbeam says

    i’ve read this story before and now i sit here 1 year later not dead my brother just read it and i think he’s scared but no one should be!! this is just salami!!

  79. S says

    HAHAHAHA if you believe it then …PFFT. C’mon. you guys are still alive. All those things are suggestions. Pfft.

  80. tragic66 says

    lol d00dz this is my fourth time reading this, two of those four times I’ve read it to friends, so yeah, I am still alive I believe, the story is not true, but to whoever wrote it, it’s like, the best story on here, you should deffinatly post more!

  81. never_good_enough says

    T_T plz dont be true! if someone knocks on my door im probably gonna scream! my god ive never this freaked out before!

  82. scaryman707 says

    how can it be true? i told 10 people that story in Mexico and no one died and i didn’t die so there

  83. ScaryFreak says

    I’m not telling anyone either… I was going to tell my sister, but no, she’s way too chicken.. -.- lol

  84. madxxx says


  85. lucy500 says

    you people still alive cause am still alive and steph if this was real real it would kill all of us even if you live in amercia she would go find you here ok its like the story of la llorna means the cry the story is spread round here too cause the spirit travels ok spirits could do that

  86. scarysteph says


  87. lucy500 says

    scarysteph shut up i am mexican and read this and am still alive if it was real it will kill all of us ok you need to re read the story the guy who posted this and his friend are not mexican and it still after them and i got a scary email from here that told me to text it and not delete it or i will die and am still alive

  88. izzywizzylove says

    theres no knocking on my door right now and either way shes all the way in Mexico i have time to live

  89. bethany says

    no he couldve been still aliva he probably wrote this riqht after his freind told him and he could be dead now if u noticed at the end of the story he said “But before I could utter a word, my friend and I both recoiled in horror as we heard a knocking begin at my front door.

    We’ve been staring at the door for an hour now, neither of us wanting to open it. The knocking is still going on, growing louder and louder. She never gives up. She never quits. La Muerto Blanco is unstoppable. I think she wants to scare us, my friend and I. I think she wants us to blame each other. And I do – I blame my friend. It’s all his fault. He should never have told about her.

    As I sit here in my house, beside my friend, both of us listening to that hideous knocking growing ever louder, I wish a lot of things. I wish she had killed my friend before he reached my house. If he had never been able to tell me about her, I wouldn’t be in danger now. I’m sorry I ever met him.” so yeahhh he could be dead now u nver kno……

  90. xoxLauren says

    Don’t worry people, I read this like 3 months ago and here I am :) on scaryforkids…alive.

  91. relytionzol says

    i wuz scared too. but. then i thought about it. its not real. the person who posted this is still alive. how do u think they posted it. I hope u guys feel better! :)

  92. kutiethekiller says

    White death scared me so bad so i told it to my friend and she said she heard knocks on her door

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