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Video Camera

Video Camera is a scary horror story about a young university student who comes to believe that he is being stalked. He leaves a camcorder in his room to act as a surveillance camera.

Video Camera

A few years ago, there was a young man named Bryan who went to university. He didn’t have enough money to live in the campus accomodation, so he had to rent an apartment on his own in the city.

After he had been living there alone for a while, he began to notice some strange things happening. Often, when he came back from college, the curtains in his bedroom would be drawn, when he distinctly remembered having left them open when he left that morning. At other times, some of his belongings seemed to have been moved and other posessions were nowhere to be found.

These strange occurrances started to creep Bryan out, so the young man decided to talk to his friends, Trisha and Alex, about the situation. They met him at a local diner and, over coffee, he told them all about the strange things he had noticed.

“Maybe I’m just being paranoid”, said Bryan. “But I just get the sneaking suspicion that someone is breaking into my apartment during the day, while I’m at university and…”

“And what?”, interrupted Alex. “Rearranging your curtains and moving your stuff around? Who in their right mind would bother doing that?”

“It sounds crazy, but you might have a stalker”, said Trisha. “It’s a possibility. If it’s true, I think the best thing to do is contact the police”.

“What can the police do?”, asked Alex. “They’re not going to spend their time keeping your apartment under surveillance. Besides, there’s no damage to any of your things. There’s no sign of a break-in. In short, there’s no evidence.”

“So what options then?”, pleaded Bryan. “I can’t just do nothing.”

“I know how you can put your mind at ease”, said Trisha. “It’s easy. Just get a video camera, set it up in your bedroom and leave it running when you go to college. If you really do have a stalker, you can show the tape to the police as evidence.”

“You know, that’s a great idea”, said Bryan.

“And if you’re really just paranoid and crazy, you can show the tape to your psychiatrist”, joked Alex.

That night, Bryan borrowed Trisha’s video camera and brought it home. The very next morning, he hid it discreetly under some folders on his desk. Before he went to college, he pressed the record button and left the running.

During the day, while he sat taking notes in lectures, the young man forgot all about the video camera. It was not until he arrived home and went into his bedroom that he remembered his plan.

Taking the video camera out of its hiding place, he pressed the stop button. Then he took out his mobile phone and called his friend.

“Hey, Trisha”, he said. “I just got home. I’m going to watch the video.”

“Cool”, said Trisha. “Don’t hang up. Tell me if you see anything.”

He pressed play and watched the recording on the video camera’s tiny screen. He saw himself leaving for university in the morning and closing the bedroom door. Then, there was nothing. He pressed fast forward and scanned through the video. The room was empty.

“Still nothing”, he said.

“I can wait”, replied Trisha. “Anyway, there’s nothing worth watching on TV at the moment”.

“OMG!”, cried Bryan as he pressed play on the camera.

“What? What?”, Trisha begged excitedly.

“The door’s opening!”, said Bryan. “It’s a woman…”

“What’s she doing?”, asked Trisha.

“Just standing there… Closing the door… Walking around…”

“OMG! SO weird! What does she look like?”

“Can’t see her face… Long, black, stringy hair… Tattered dress…”

“Do you know her?”

“No, don’t recognize her at all… She’s carrying a knife… A big kitchen knife… She’s going through my trash… Now, she’s picking up my clothes and sniffing them.”

“Ugh! Gross! What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s going over to the closet… She just got into the closet.”

“Fast Forward and see if she does anything else.”

He scanned through the video for a while, but the room was empty.

“You know what this means”, said Bryan. “I have the evidence now. I can go to the police and they’ll take me seriously.”

“I know”, said Trisha. “They’ll have to”.

“Alex is totally going to freak when he sees this”.

“No doubt. He didn’t believe you, but I did.”

“I know. You’re a good friend… OMG!”

“What? What?”

Bryan pressed play again.

“The door’s opening again”, said Bryan.

“Who is it?”, asked Trisha.

“Oh, it’s OK”, said Bryan. “It’s just me coming home from college.”

He watched himself on the screen, shutting off the camera.

“Let’s go to the police now”, said Trisha. “I’ll go with you. We can show them the tape.”

“OK. I’ll meet you at the diner in 15 minutes”, said Bryan as he grabbed the video camera.

“OK… Wait a minute”, said Trisha. “You said she got into the closet. Did she ever leave? Bryan, did she ever get out of the closet?”

A chill ran down Bryan’s spine. Behind him, he heard the closet door creak open.

“Bryan! Get out of there!”, screamed Trisha, but it was too late. The phone went dead. When she tried to call him again, there was no answer.

Later that evening, the police found the body of the 18-year old college student lying in a pool of blood. He had been stabbed 21 times. The video camera was clutched in his cold, dead hands. When the police examined the camera, they discovered that the memory card was missing.

No trace of the woman was ever found.

Right now, she could be hiding in your closet.


  • Yoooo I just came back this website brings back so many memories and now it’s actually frequently updated!!

  • Haha moron…just stayed in the room when he saw her come out and then go back in the closet. I would have left the room right away if I was to see that chick come out of the closet. I wouldn’t have finished watching the video right then and there.

  • I knew she was still in the closet! I would’ve left the minute I saw her walk in the closet. It’s 12 in the morning and I can’t sleep 😿



  • Okay, but now I’m sorta creeped out because when I come home from school, I often find that some of my drawers have been opened and some have been just left open and closet door is always shut, and my whole family works and gets home after me…. And now I’m cradling a stuffed deadpool.

  • Bryan(opens the closet): Hey lady…..what are you doing here?
    Lady: i am here to kill you..
    Bryan: Oh…as expected…how about after having a cup of tea?
    Lady: Sorry..i am diabetic…No sugar..
    Bryan: Then let me make you lime juice of salt.
    Lady: Hmmm… That’s better.. But you will also have to accompany me..
    Bryan: Cool.
    after drinking lime juice….
    Bryan: So, how are you going to kill me?
    Lady: Oh i already did my work… i mixed poison in your lime juice…:)
    Bryan: Oh… how clever…i love clever ladies…Will you marry me?
    Lady: I surely would if you would’nt turn a dead body after 10 minutes…as you had poison…
    Bryan: That because of brillant ideas..
    Lady: Sorry!

  • I dont have a closet either lol and my house is full of people no chance someone could have gotten in and hiding without being noticed by someone

  • Welp even is you don’t have a closet ..better check under your bed maybe a crazy woman/man hiding under it

  • I am staring at a wall scared to look at my closet… Where is flamefletcher when you need him?!?!

  • Hang on, I’m British so I don’t have a closet! YES!! (I have a cupboard) closet sounds really posh!!! lol

  • Good plan, shame they didn’t do it in time . . . oh well! What was that to do with 21 times? Was there a secret meaning behind that? I would leave my video camera out, but it is old and only has casettes, which only have ONE hour in them each :( and I am saving it for holiday . . . guess when I am going on holiday. TOMORROW!! We are leaving at 6:30 am!

  • Predictable…. @Shadow_of_Darkness , why don’t you just move the dolls??? also my dog sleeps in front of my closet so I ain’t worried :P

  • i will never sleep again. i forget which creepypasta never sleped again because jeff the killer told her to go to sleep ans she kills every person she sees and she yells i want to sleep before killing them.

  • My closet’s right across from me…right next to the 3 scariest dolls ever! D’: I’m freaking out. I wish I’d never read this story waaaahh!!!!!

  • Last night, I slept with a firearm. No kidding. And I forced my mom to stay with me no joke. XD

  • OMG! This is so funny! But it’s his fault for being stupid. He also should have gotten insurance. Nationwide is on your side ;)

  • F***************CK!!
    i almost got a heart attack after i opened my closet… i forgot i have a mirror inside T_T

  • I was in the closet while reading this. (I have a walk in closet and I have an iPod touch) no woman in here.

  • I wonder why she only stabbed him 21 times. If that was me I would have let out some of my anger while doing that stabbing.

  • hey guys im back look at the comment above, i actually did sleep with my mom, i couldn’t sleep at nite cuz i felt the closet would move, ugh iu hate that well ya, imma go off 2 da next story

  • I’ll kill Anyone that tries to kill me in my own house! Lol I once had a dream similar to this story, but the weird part is that I was still awake but I couldn’t move or open my eyes. It was probably an hallucination lol XD

  • New Story, Written By Me,
    Eternity With The Clowns
    I Was Caught Off Guard on My Daily Paper Route, Caught Off Guard By The Abandoned Theatre That Is In Front Of Me, My Mother Told Me of A Terrible Thing That Had Happened Within,
    about 8 Years Ago, The Theatre Was A Rising Sensation in our community, There Were Clown Camps Help During Spring Break, But Immediately After Returning Home From Camp, The Children Were Abducted And Used in The circus happening the upcoming month, when the police interviewed the parents, they said when their children came home, they were shocked as the kids were still fully dressed as clowns, the mother was wierded out and told her daughter to wash it off before bed, the girl started crying and She said ” I’m so sorry mommy, I can’t” and she ran to her room, locked the door and went to bed. the next morning the mother woke her child up for school and was alarmed at the sight, the front door was opened, the child’s bedroom door was wide open and the window was broken, a clear trail in the mud showed two oversized trails of footprints, both the size on clown shoes. . .

  • i already have a ghost that comes out of my closet every night. great story though. gave me a shiver!

  • dude… THAT WAS AWESOME!!! i mean, come on…. she stabbed u 21 TIMES!!! btw… im NOT a masochist

  • This ones actually partially true. A guy in Japan saw that his stuff was constantly out of place and the like, so he set up a video camera and recorded what went on while he slept and wasn’t home. A woman climbed out of his cabnets and went about her daily business, and when she was done, climbed back in. He called the cops and they came and got her. Turns out she had been living there for five years, or so… Idk. Creepy.

    ScaryForKids says: Yeah, I read about that case too. The police found her curled up in a cupboard, hiding from them. I was actually thinking about that case when I was writing down this story, Haha.

  • This story was scary and cool the woman in that scory reminded me of the grudge…CHECK YOUR CLOSET

  • OMG! O_O OMG… My closet… i have to check it O_O
    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE No video camera’s and closets in my room again :O

  • wow from the minute it said she had a knife and went into the closet i already knew what would happen xD

  • This was great! And I actually checked my closet after reading this! XD I never go to bed without closing my closet! There’s a lot of crazy s**t that can happen in there!

  • Im totaly leaving my video camera recording while im gone… Better safe than sorry xD

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