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Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Drinking Water is a creepy urban legend from Japan about a little girl who leaves her apartment one day and goes missing.

Drinking Water

There was a little girl who lived in an apartment building. One day, she told her mother she was going out to play with her friends. Hours later, when the girl’s mother went down to call her in for dinner, she realized that her daughter was nowhere to be found.

The mother asked all of the kids who lived in the apartment building if they had seen her daughter. They all told her they hadn’t seen the little girl all day. The awful realization sank in. The little girl was missing.

The girl’s parents called the police and a search of the surrounding area was launched. All of the other parents in the apartment building joined in the search, but it was fruitless. In the end, the little girl was never found.

Three months later, the residents of the apartment complex began to complain about their drinking water supply. Whenever they turned on the water taps in their apartments, they noticed a strange odor.

Gradually, the apartment manager started to receive more and more complaints from the residents about the taste and smell of their water. He decided that something had to be done and told the janitor to test the water in the storage tanks on the roof.

The janitor went up on the roof and began removing the lids from the tanks and checking the chemical content of the water. When he got to the last tank, he lifted the lid and was hit with an overpowering stench. Gazing down into the murky depths, he was able to make out something floating in the water. It was the decomposing body of a child.

After the police conducted an autopsy, they were able to confirm that it was the corpse of the little girl who had gone missing three months before.

It seemed that she had been playing on the roof when the lid of the water storage tank was temporarily removed. Apparently, she looked into the tank and must have accidentally fallen into the water and drowned.

The girl’s corpse lay there, undisturbed, for three whole months.

And for three whole months, the inhabitants of the apartment had unknowingly been drinking the water that the little girl’s decomposing corpse was floating in.

scary for kids


  • sounds like a korean horror movie should be made out of this, nice one sfk!:D

  • This is similar to what happened in Dark Water! Really scary movie

  • Something similar haplened in real life. There was a young woman staying at a hotel and she went missing, and a while later her decomposing corpse was found in the hotel water supply. There was strange security footage of her before she went missing.

  • this story was based on a Japanese horror movie Dark water and there’s a Hollywood remake as well.

  • What the hell? Seriously it wasn’t scary it was sad! this happens to real people! (mostly girls and women. ) so this was not an sotry that was good 0/out of ten stars!

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