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Three Kings

The Three Kings is a scary ghost game that supposedly enables the person who performs the ritual to access another dimension.

Three Kings

The Three Kings ritual could very well be dangerous, so you are advised not to attempt it. It is said that by performing the ritual, you can access a place they call “The Shadowside”. Its effectiveness depends on how closely you follow the instructions.

To play The Three Kings game, you need a quiet and empty room, preferably without windows. If necessary, you can cover the windows, making sure that the room is in total darkness. This is called the Dark Room.

You also need three chairs, two large mirrors, a candle, a lighter, an electric fan and an alarm clock.

The Three Kings Instructions

Step 1: Place a chair in the center of the room, facing north. This is your throne.

Step 2: Place the other two chairs exactly to the left and right, facing your throne. These two chairs are known as the Queen and the Fool.

Step 3: Place the two large mirrors on the Queen and the Fool chairs. The mirrors should be facing each other. If you sit on the throne, facing straight ahead, you should be able to barely see your own reflection in both of the mirrors. If you see your own reflection in the corner of your eye, just barely there, then you’ve done it right.

Step 4: Place the electric fan behind you, facing the throne, and turn it on. Leave it on.

Step 5: Turn off the lights, leave the door open and go to your bedroom.

Step 6: Put the candles, lighter, alarm clock and cellphone beside you bed. Set the alarm clock for exactly 3:30 AM. Turn off the lights and go to sleep while holding your childhood toy.

Step 7: When the alarm clock goes off at 3:30 AM, turn it off, get out of bed, but don’t turn on the lights. You have exactly three minutes to light your candle and make your way to the dark room to sit in your throne. You should be seated by 3:33 AM.

If the alarm clock did not go off at exactly 3:30 AM, abort the mission.

If the door of the dark room is closed, (remember, you left it open), abort the mission.

If the fan is off, (remember, you left it on), abort the mission.

If you are not seated on your throne by exactly 3:33 AM, abort the mission.

If you have to abort the mission, leave the house immediately. After 4:44 AM, it is safe to return.

If all is going as planned, you can proceed with the ritual. Sit down in your throne. Look straight ahead and stare into the darkness. DO NOT look at the mirrors.

I won’t spoil what happens next. All you need to know is that you won’t be alone. If you have questions, you will get answers. Sometimes those answers will come in the form of new questions.

Whatever you do, make sure you DO NOT look directly at the mirrors or the candle. Just stare straight ahead. Don’t chicken out either. You need to stay seated until 4:44 AM. Just stay still and try not to move. It’s okay to tremble a little bit. You need to stay seated for at least 1 hour and 11 minutes.

I didn’t specify which chair was the Queen and which chair was the Fool. That’s because it’s your job to find out. Also, from their point of view, you are either their queen or their fool too. Hence the name, Three Kings.

DO NOT let the candle go out or the ritual will end. This is a backup measure to protect you. Remember, the fan is behind you. Your body is between the fan and the candle. If your body was suddenly moved or dragged out of the chair, the fan would immediately blow out the candle. That backup measure may save your life.

To end the ritual, you can blow out the candle at 4:44 AM.

If the candle goes out before 4:44 AM, you’re on your own…

Be safe. Don’t play this game.


  • if anyone did it thanks for your insanity cos i wanna know whats it like. i’m NOT doing myself. i didn’t bang my head when i was little.

  • I’m sooooooo going to do this it sounds fun
    Ok maybe it sounds more like scary fun but still fun

  • @bloodykillers I do! I hate light I swear im not jokin idk whether I have any eye problems or nah but light specially sunlight gives me headache I love darkness but this game is too creepy

  • Definitely not try this since Im kind a person that cant b patient to keep calm more than 30minutes… :b

  • cool! I am so doing this! just kidding. I don’t have the patience to sit still in a chair an hour and 11 minutes… plus, I can be really stupid sometimes, so there’s a 90% chance that i’ll screw up :P The main reason I won’t do this is because I WILL NOT WAKE UP 3 IN THE MORNING FOR A STUPID GAME LIKE THIS. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. And I don’t even have that many rooms where I live, so I sort of couldn’t do it anyway…

  • I’ve done the pencil game a lot the only bad thing that can happen is the pencils crossing that way they can possess anyone using it or watching happened to someone I know it made her head feel weird right away idk if he was playing a joke or something

  • I wanted to do this but saw a comment saying something about demons trying to trick them and a year after they played it one of them died I don’t want to die from playing this I’m an aunt i have a nephew and niece

  • ive played every game here and they actually worked but i wouldnt advise anyone to play them because they will leave you scared for life my friend died a couple days after playing these games

  • And also another question…
    What WILL exactly happen if you look at one of the mirrors Owe’?? Will they give you a power, a trip to Hawaii, something?? Would they give you cookies?! :D

  • What the f— is the purpose of playing the game? You don’t get access to a dimension of your own, or money, or power, or special powers,or a spaceship, or the world’s best computer, or even a chocolate chip cookie. You just sit there.

  • This game is so creepy ._., and I have a question. Why do you need a fan? Sorry for the stupid question XD… I’m just really confused about the fan part .


  • @imgianna
    I did. Scared the bloody hell out of me, and nothing happened. Absolute SQUAT. I used the alarm clock to tell me when it was 4: 44, though, so that might have interfered with the reception or some crap like that. I got the poo scared out of me for no DARN reason.

  • There is also a game called The face in the mirror , In order to play this game you must be alone and it must be midnight.
    1.two candles
    2.a large mirror
    Place the candles in front of the mirror and place them in different places ( Must be in opposite sides ) after a time has passed you have to blow out the candles before you do it you must blow the candles and say out loud the number of the candles you blew , for example if you blew a candle you must say 1 and then if you finished you blow out the second candle and say 2 . After that you have to say your name 10 times then you will fall unconscious in your sleep you will dream you are tied in a chair and in the mirror you will see a lady with a horribly deformed face then it will get closer and closer till you see yourself face to faced with the lady . After that you will then wake up , but if you see someone behind your back just close your eyes till you think it is gone if you think about negative events that might happen it will get closer and closer and when you open your eyes she will eat your soul to get rid of it you must think of 10 positive events that might occur after this experience. I must warn you not to do it if you are a very negative person …. You might just find yourself in hell.

  • People you should listen to radikalxmonster! These are very bad games that will direct your life away from christ. It is very bad to try to access bad spirits as a “game”. This goes for ouija boards as well. I was at my friends house and she has a tropical fishtank in her room and I told her about this game at a sleepover we had. pretty soon afterward, all the fish in her tank started to die. true story.

  • hi my names Dimitri. I knew of this game back in 2005. Me and my friend where sleeping over my house and he told me about this game. It wasn’t called three kings but it was exactly the same thing. All i can say is never play this game whatever you do. You won’t get “spirits” from the “Shadow side” to talk to you. But demons from hell. They will trick you into looking at them. If you do they will come into the material plane. While we played the voices told me that we will die if we did not help them move into our world. my friend did not hear it. He didn’t belive me. Last year i found out that he died. No one knows how or why but he was dead in his room when his mom found him. I was sitting with his mom at the funeral and afterwards she told me she wanted me to have his journal. I took it and went home. As I read the pages they continuously got more erratic and messy as if he was writing nervously and fast. They talked about nightmares and voices and that they were going to get him. It was weird because I started experiencing nightmares the night of his supposed death. Now 2012 I know im next. Never play this game whatever you do. 90% of people won’t do it right and possibly won’t have experiences… And those are the lucky ones.

  • go to Pencil Game and read my comments i say the same for this game. if you are gonna play i beg you to read those comments. NOW!

  • @Brony4life i would love to hear how to play my friends love to hear how to play new games i think it would be fun can you tell me how

  • Wow -.- I wouldnt do it because if I didnt do it in time and had to abort mission my whole family would wake up and I’d be in trouble. That and I’m not a morning person. And looking in the mirror would be too tempting. I like looking at who I’m talking to.

  • Wow -.- I wouldnt do it because if I didnt do it in time and had to abort mission my whole family would wake up and I’d be in trouble. That and I’m not a morning person

  • This whole candle thing is a little confusing. So at first you say it’s a fail-safe and if it goes out the ritual ends for our protection. Like 3 sentences later you basically say we’re dead if it goes out.

  • Seems too risky for me even though it’s pretty tempting to play when they tell you not to play this game

  • @DeathAwaitsYou I guess you can after 4:44. Yes, how do you know what time it is? I mean you cant get up before 4:44 but how do you know its time get up?

  • I have questions n I need answers. If we play this game, is it ok to blow out the candles after 4:44 am? And if we want to end the ritual, how do we even know that it’s 4:44 am?

  • I did the game in my friend’s house and nothing really happened.It’s not scary either,because my friends were outside laughing and screaming,so I knew I wasn’t alone.The one “scary” thing that did happen was that I fell from the chair.LAME,I know.The Fan did blow up the candle,but my friends said that it was 4:34.So I guess it’s okay.I really didn’t hear anything and I stayed there for a while.One hour and a minute in the dark.Lol I am sure no one could do it by themselfes so I reccomend you to be with some friends.Good luck!

  • What happens during the game? If anyone has played it before, can you tell me what happened?

  • There is a psycological explanation if anyone playes this game and feels or experiences something.

  • I hanged it,and thought I was ok.Boy I was wrong.One of my friends began to have nightmares about charlie. He said he was about 8 or 9,and he had a hatchet on his forehead and he only had 1 eye.the other was hanging from his socket.yesterday my sister was playing video games when all of a sudden something pushed her and I was on a diffrent bed.(we have 2 beds.1 for me and another for my brother.)my parents thought I was lying,and i’m grounded for a week.who wants me to tell you guys how to play.

  • The pineco stopped on me and I could remember shaking like crazy. The 1st thing I told him to was if he can make it cold. I felt a colder every 2nd question was if he could push my pencil,and it actually moved! I’m serious! I was feeling really sick after that the last question was about the weather. I asked him if he can make it rain,and he said no. I asked if I could end the game,but the first 2 time he said no. I was on the verge of tears when it landed on yes. I thought I safe. When I came home the first thing I saw was a doll sitting on the couch. At first I thought it was normal,but when I went to my room to change,it was sitting on the floor. It couldn’t be my brother,cause he was at the afterschool program,or my sister and mother cause my stepfather,mother,and sister were at a doctors appointment. My grandma was taking a nap so it couldn’t have been her either. I ran back to my room shaking like crazy. I asked my grandma if she had a cross or something holy to hang on my room.

  • This ggame is really scary T^T I asked 3 questions and I glanced at the mirror by accident and I couldnt see my face it was just white D:!!!!

  • i think it would be cool to access other dimensions, but if something pulled me out of my chair and the fan blew the candle over, the house would catch fire…

  • It might be fun for me too play, but what would happen if I did is that all the clocks in my house suck, so I would wake up at the wrong time and have to abort the mission, then spend an hour and eleven minutes sitting outside and cursing.
    Or I might just go back to sleep.
    Or, I do sleep deeply, I might not wake up at all.
    But even if everything went right, I would totally fall asleep sitting in that chair.

  • I would try this but, I don’t really want to wake up that early, drag two chairs upstairs and steal my brothers fan. Plus my mom doesn’t let me have candles up in my room.

  • I was watching my friends play a game,all of a sudden they said “we should let charlie pick!” they said they needed something with a point, so they picked a pineco. They spun it around. I gotta go. I’ll tell you guys later

  • Don’t worry sfk. I won’t play it. I’m done playing those kind of games. I’m haunted by playing one of those games I played in 6th grade *twiches*

  • Um, sfk, some of the parts in this were oddly detailed. Did you ever play this game?

  • U kno I like trying things like this I was creeped out whe I look into that mirror but what I saw was myself inna alone n dark room anyway my parents have gone on vication and I’m on my own I’m like 12

  • @killerkat101 ScaryForKids Does not want anyone to play it… But it give instructions to people who want to play it Cuz if the dont.. Some people will complain even though they dont want anyone to play

    PS: nice username

  • Why does it say don’t try it and it gives you the instructions maybe, it wants you to try it o_O that doesn’t make sense lolz >.<

  • lol it says don’t play this game but it gives u instructions and how to play and what to do but at the end it says warning don’t play this game… MWAAAAHHHHAAAHHHAAAA
    O.O preety creepy stuff anyway…

  • I would try this but I am not inclined to wake up at three thiry in the morning to sit there and ask questions to non-existant people

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