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Tap Tap Tap

Tap Tap Tap is a scary Halloween story about a group of school children, a secret knock and a crazed murderer on the loose.

Tap Tap Tap

I will tell you a story about something terrible that happened on Halloween. This story is true, so they say, and it made my hair stand on end just to hear it.

It all happened many years ago in my town, which, at that time, was just a little town between the mountains of Catalonia, Spain. The town was little more than a small square with a church, a park, a prison and a school, with all the houses clustered around. The town was very proud of their school since it had been voted the best school in the province.

It was the morning of October 31st – Halloween – and a class of students were doing arts and crafts in their classroom. Some were cutting skeletons out of sheets of paper, some were painting vampire bats and others were drawing pumpkins. The students were all aged between eight and nine years old. Their teacher was a beautiful young woman who had only been working at the school for one month.

While the children were having fun, preparing the Halloween decorations, the teacher turned the radio to listen to the weather forecast. She was planning to organize an outdoor Halloween party for the kids later that day and wanted to be sure that it wouldn’t rain.

Suddenly, the weather forecast was interrupted by a news bulletin.

“This is an important announcement. A convicted murderer has escaped from the local prison and is on the loose. He is described as armed and very dangerous. Please, do not attempt to apprehend him. The police will…”

The teacher rushed across the room and switched off the radio. She did not want to alarm the children, but it was too late. The children had all heard the broadcast and were very frightened by the news. They knew that the prison was very near the school. The teacher tried to reassure them and told them not to worry.

A few minutes later, the school principal made an announcement over the intercom:

“Attention all teachers! We have been informed that police are dealing with a very serious situation that is occurring right now in the town. All teachers are advised to lock the doors and windows of their classrooms until the police get this situation under control. I repeat, lock all doors and windows until further instruction. That is all.”

The teacher told the class to stay calm. She took out her key and locked the classroom door. Then she went around and closed every window, making sure that they were secure and nobody could get in.

One little girl raised her hand and asked if she could go to the bathroom. The teacher didn’t want to let her go, but the girl insisted. The teacher finally relented and gave her permission to go to the toilet. After all, it was unlikely that the murderer would come to the school.

She told the girl that, when she came back, she would have to give a secret knock at the classroom door. Then they would know that it was her and they could let her back in. The code was three taps and two scratches.

Tap tap tap. Scratch scratch.

The girl left to go to the bathroom and the teacher locked the door behind her. To take the children’s minds off the scary situation, she started telling stories. After 20 minutes had passed and the girl still had not returned, the teacher began to get worried.

“What’s taking her so long”, she wondered out loud.

Suddenly, they could hear footsteps in the corridor. Everybody in the classroom froze. Then they heard a noise at the door:

Tap tap tap. Scratch scratch.

“She’s back”, sighed the teacher in relief.

She walked over, took out her key.

“what if it’s not her”, asked one little boy who was shivering with fright.

The teacher hesitated, her key inches from the lock.

Again they heard a noise at the door:

Tap tap tap. Scratch scratch.

“It must be her”, said the teacher. She put the key into the door and unlocked it.

Suddenly, the classroom door burst open and a tall man was standing there. In his right hand, he was holding a knife and in his left hand, he was holding the little girl’s severed head.

The escaped murderer came into the classroom, smiling from ear to ear. The children were trapped inside. All that could be heard in the corridors of the school were screams of terror and squeals of pain.

In the chaos, the teacher managed to break a window and jump out. She barely escaped with her life and crawled to safety. The children, however, were not so lucky.

When the police arrived, they found the murderer sitting in the middle of the classroom. The floor, walls and ceiling were covered in blood. Little body parts lay scattered around him. He had chopped up every child in the class into tiny pieces.

They found the headless body of the little girl in the third stall of the bathroom. The police figured out what had probably happened, that cold October day. The escaped prisoner must have been hiding in the toilet when the girl was asking for permission to go to the bathroom. He must have surprised her in the stall and forced her to tell him the password. When she did, he cut off her head.

Today, the teacher is in a psychiatric hospital. She never recovered from the incident and can’t stop repeating over and over again: โ€œTap tap tap. Scratch scratch… Tap tap tap. Scratch scratch…”

The school was abandoned because parents refused to send their children there. There were too many bad memories. The school was left just the way it was when the murders occurred. They say that if you visit the old school building and go into the classroom, you can still see the blood still dripping down the walls.

If you are brave enough, you could even go to the bathroom. Just tap three times and scratch two times on the door of the third stall. Then open it. You will see the headless body of the little girl sitting on the toilet.


  • @Dog Fan

    … Since when is Barney in the bath tub? ๐Ÿ˜ณ
    Welp Iโ€™m never taking a bath again…

  • KILLER1112

    Imaginary friends? Lol I had those but they had names like Tom and Sally not… I donโ€™t feel like scrolling up to spell those.

  • What school is this?
    I want to go their but not only me with my friends (Khong, wameng, louche, chuyee, bill, blong, kongpheng, kongfeng, and sincere)

  • Now this scares me to use the bathroom I already think Barney is in the bathtub, Bloody Mary is in the mirror, and Mickey Mouse (from abandond by disney) is behind me when im in there.

  • @TypicalBeans i totally agree.
    But the man was cruel, how did he even get in there??? ๐Ÿ˜•

  • Guy’s first of all, that killer was a MAN, hiding in the girl’s bathroom. what a creep. second of all, “smiling from ear to ear” is an EXPRESSION.

  • @FAN OF SCARY FOR KIDS He probably was in the bathroom when the intercom went off.He probably knew that they were going t ohave a password so he wouldn’t get in the guy would be smart.But the question i have is why was he in the girls bathroom

  • Hey, but how did the prisoner knew there was a password… Anyways…the story is creepy.

  • When the little girl was in the stall pulling up her skirt then she heard the bathroom door open so she stood up on the toilet ( like a smart person during a lockdown) then she heard the person that came in bust the 1st stall then the 2nd stall then to her….. ( DUN DUN DUNNN!!!)

  • Great story indeed, but some of the children must have warned the theacher about it may be killer?

    – Never trust codes without voice, never open the door.

  • Midnight every school has a password to the room when there is a killer and if a parent is there they have to send a picture under the door HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THIS?! XD

  • why the hell the girl get out of the classroom knowing there was a murderer outside, just pee on the floor, do whatever you want just don’t go alone to the toalett, and that teacher was so silly too.

  • Just sad. Ill deal with killing older kids/people, but this made me sob๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

  • Lol! It is Jeff the killer!๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • When I was finished reading this story, I was like “tap tap tap scratch scratch ” on the wall. Suddenly it began to ring the door and there was no one there. Haha, it was just a mistake.

  • Okay.. We Were At school camp and we had a campfire and we were telling horror stories. My teacher asked “Who Knows Any horror stories”‘Everyone was pointing to me XD so I told this story and when we got back to school We were in the class room talking about stuff and we heard it at the door my friend shouted “OMG IT THE STORY IT CAME TRUE!!” We were all terrified and then He Pushed Me To the door and I answered turns out it was my other friend asking if he could have a pen

  • Good story, but was the killer Jeff the Killer or something??? It said the prisoner was smiling from ear to ear, and that is kinda impossible, unless you’re Jeff the Killer, so…? Creepy story, and i am so glad that at my school you have to go to the bathroom with a friend.

  • 1 I hate that teacher all those kids had more time to life put that teacher decided to abandon all those small children and for what to end up in hospital and also if I was that little girl I wouldn’t have told him the password I wouldn’t let them take there lives plus im not scared to die. Poor kids

  • My dads a teacher, so I know if that situation was real, the teacher would have had to attempt to protect the children, but still, good story XD

  • @Captain Alliance
    Go to “Tell Me Your Story”, and post your story in the comments section. If it’s good enough, Scaryforkids will post it.

  • i wanna write my own story on here and ive got loads of ideas also ive got a prison next to my school with murderers and i need to walk past it every day ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Hey I got a good scary story that I made up it is called roller coaster so here it is

    There once was a little girl who wanted to go on a roller coaster for the first time so once she went on the roller coaster she thought everything was gonna be fine…….. Then she noticed that her belt had come apart……. Once she noticed it they were upside down the little girl fell………. Then before she could hit the ground she noticed a tree branch strong enough to hold her up then she screamed for help 2 attendants at the roller coaster ride helped her but there was one thing the little girl and the 2 attendants didn’t know the little girl was dead….

    For those who don’t get it the little girl fell down and died but her spirit came up and held on to the tree branch thinking it would save it’s own life they say that the little girl’s body still remains down there waiting to discover her dead body if you go on the roller coaster you can still hear the screams of the little girl crying for help

  • @scream XD
    yeah, but still it counts. barging into a child while he/she is doing something private, especially in the bathroom, counts as a pedophile’s action.

  • midnight spirit i think that he wuz outsaide the door and heard that the girl was gonna go to the bathroom so he thought he should hide in there to kill her but then he heard about the code and he thought that if he listened in on the conversation he could find out the code and kill two birds with one stone after they were done talking the guy went into the bathroom

  • creepy story I had to go to the bathroom after and I had to get my best friend to wait outside the door and she was scared to…

  • Once, I was at school in the classroom and sumone knocked on the door like that…”tap tap tap scratch scratch” then i was like “Omigosh the guy in this story is haunting my school” and didnt even open the door… I was like, peeing on my skirt cuz i was the only one inside… shivering, i went and opened the door slowly and there was my bestie laughin her stomache off… She knows the story too… I was nearly freaked out by this!!!!! O_O’

  • in drama, we did urban legends as an assignment. I was the teacher, my friend was the student, and my other friend was the serial killer. we did it NON-VERBALLY! It seems hard, but it’s actually pretty easy.

  • wasn’t there like windows in the door or surely they wouldve known it was him, mind you i live in england and there’s windows in all of our doors, but i aint been to an american school so you know. lol. The teacher shouldve listened to the kid who said it might not be the girl. im just gonna stop typin now bye.

  • @Scarelover123
    I’m glad we think on the same level XD And also, maybe, since the children were very little, it could’ve been one of those little stall bathrooms that all the kids use, so the prisoner was probably waiting in whichever stall he thought the girl would chose and got lucky

  • ya bettyqueenofscreams thats what i meant! like really, honestly how did he know which restroom to hide in unless he knew it was a boy or a girl asking

  • @Scarelover123
    yeah, I agree. The prisoner guy could’ve been waiting outside the door, probably about to run in, and heard the teacher give the little girl the password to get back in. Then he ran to the restroom to wait for the little girl, and killed her when she came in.
    Ikr, Who would want a freaking ghost girl on the toilet? ._.

  • i’m too afraid to go to the bathroom now ):O and also the ending might me a little…..iffy i think that mabey the escaped prisoner was waiting outside of the door when he heard and he ran to the bathroom in wait.

  • @scarybeary bloodymary 1. They should really put more security system on this website for certain PEOPLE *coughs and looks at scarybeary bloodymary*
    2. They should also put a reply system. SERIOUSLY.

  • strange stalker killer i mean like the teacher coodve save at least most of the children scaredy teacher they also shoodve better security and put tht motherf****** to death already. all the scary stories hve escaped convicts tht shoodve been killed already

  • How did the murderer even get in?
    I know colombine School shooting has kids already in school but the murder simply walk in unattended, or the principal is simpykl dumnb

  • @scream XD
    yes…… XD WHY KILL HER ON THE TOILET?! XD and I wish we could write stories on here too x.x

  • tap tap tap, scratch scratch X_X I used to hear that all the time at school, I never knew why, just thought it was the wind or something X_X I’m scarred for life now

  • :( poor kids. i will always be on the highest floor of a building to go to every class i have cause if i hear tap tap tap scratch scratch, im gonna be like wt the f***!!!
    to the air vents!!!

  • It would be pretty cool if we could write stories on here, but then again some us are not natural authors so I guess the site is cool just the way it is xD

  • Midnight spirit- He must of heard that there was a password but didn’t hear the password or he heard but wanted to make sure he was correct…

    Other than that it was a good story!

  • It’s a good story, but this part doesn’t make sense:
    “The escaped prisoner must have been hiding in the toilet when the girl was asking for permission to go to the bathroom. *He must have surprised her in the stall and forced her to tell him the password.*” How could’ve he known there was a password? Did the girl tell him out of fear?
    Other than that, it’s a pretty good story.

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